Shots from the Road 04.06.2012 Apr 7, 2012

Yesterday, I woke up rather early and went on a little ride with Ross. It wasn’t particularly long, nor were there many climbs, we just wanted to get a spin in before the weekend hit us. Austin’s great for many reasons, two of which are photos like this, taken from my Instagram. What I didn’t get photos of were the two pitt bull / mastiff mix dogs that chased Ross for a mile. The water bottle trick didn’t even phase those beasts.

  • Chris

    Ross looks like a doggy chew toy!

  • Anonymous

    Do you know what iPhone / GPS stem mount he was using? Or do you have any suggestions for a good one?

  • mama prolly

    Soooo . . where were you while poor Ross was getting chased?

  • Rschramek79

    Whats the water bottle trick? 

    • Dog runs at you, squirt it with a bottle.