Road Exploring

Sometimes, you just need to go off and take those roads you ride past everyday, or jump over the fence that says “No Trespassing”. These shots were all compiled during a few days I spent out wandering the hills and forests on my road bike.

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  • Nicholaselster

    Good stuff! What film are you shooting?

  • Richard

    compelling pictures where do you live?


  • wade

    No tresspassing signs and bullet holes. Great combination.

  • Treeof611

    where’s this water @? i’d love to fish it.

  • Craig

    bull creek right?

  • Bassmaster3000

    once I went looking for a lake on a piece of property that supposedly was stocked with nothing but large mouth bass on steroids.  I found it after seeing a no trespassing sign every 10 feet for a mile.  You could literally see 10-15lbs bass everywhere.  I got one cast and was confronted by a shotgun and chased off the property.  Turns out a month later the cops raid his little property drain the lake and find 3 dead bodies.  Moral of the story…when in the panhandle sometimes you should listen to the no trespassing signs. 

  • photo #2 is surreal.  more black and white man, this rocks