This black-metal son of Odin is half of the Great Escape, the tale of a Göteborg couple who are on a journey to cross the great American west in search of the most crushing music. HELLHOMMUS is from Göteborg but he’s not into that shitty technical death metal. He likes the real shit. That black shit. Darker than your bottom bracket shell and harder than 7075 aluminum. I spent a cloudy, rainy afternoon with HELLHOMMUS at the dead pool in Asgard, where we read the poetry of skalds and planned his conquest of the US.

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  • whats the name of the band on the shirt? no spotify for the hosers…

    • Griss

       Wolves in the throne room.

  • brutalz666

    totally brewtalz

  • Metal


  • handymanny

    he can just print out this handy west coast black metal guide:

    weakling – broke up
    xasthur – moved to east coast
    deafheaven – destroyed rep with hate forest tshirts
    ash borer – disappeared along with every other cascadian bm band
    fell voices – see ash borer
    skagos – see fell voices
    wolves in the throne room – evil woodchuck tour banners bring too many LOLz