Grade School

Grade school. It’s a place where you go for life’s lessons. No matter how strong of a rider you think you are, a few hours in grade school each day will whip your ass in shape. Granted we don’t have mountains here, but we’ve got good climbing and this Recent Roll is dedicated to the people who have put in work the past few weeks on the hills. It’s from a few different films, hence the change in grain and color.

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  • Craig

    Have you been through Steiner Ranch yet? Go in the big entrance after crossing the dam bridge and out the short steep hill next to the elementary school. 

    • No I have not, I’ll give that a try! There are a few that I’ve found on Google Maps / Strava I wanna check out and ultimately, I wanna ride NorCal / PDX more.

      • pedalpalooza?

        • For starters, I wanna go on a ride with GSC and the Cedar Guys wanna drag my fat ass up Mt Diablo. 

  • Spencer

    I wish I didn’t live in the flattest place on Earth.