Rapha Continental Builders: Brian Rourke Apr 18, 2012

Out of all the UK Rapha Continental Builders, this man, Brian Rourke is the one who’s doing the most original work. That’s probably because he’s been doing it for so long that his eyes are affixed on an idea, rather than a trend or what the US builders are doing. I dig this film, a lot.

  • Agreed.  The decision to TIG and how to finish the welds, based on maintaining the heat-treatment of tubing is a great example.  Get a great look, but use the right techniques.  Read Robert Penn’s “It’s All About the Bike” to get a sense of what it’s like to work with Brian Rourke to build a frame.  Good book about building a custom ride with all the special bits and visiting all the shops that produce the goods.  We all know how Prolly feels about shop visits. :-)

  • JC

    I urge anyone who can, to go to Rourke Cycles, it’s the best bike shop in the UK by miles. I was so impressed by it’s positive attitude towards every type of cyclist and lack of snobbery, which plagues some other high end shops. I can’t claim to share his love of Stoke though. Perhaps you have to grow up there, it’s pretty bleak!

  • kinda like “How It’s Made” except way cooler

  • chris

    Really, really cool