Raidô Means Ride or Journey Apr 5, 2012

I’m so stoked on the new Viking vector logo done by Paul DeVay of Angry Icons (shown in a clipping mask above). Its simplicity is a new direction for the site and it’ll be popping up quite frequently in new products. This past week, I’ve been working on so many collaborations that my head is spinning and the only way I can keep it straight is by riding. Here in Austin, the trees have been barren for so long that it’s taken all winter for new growth to sprout. The live oaks and mesquite trees are like dripping veins from the sky and when you’re in Texas, the summer heat shows no mercy, sending you to their shade. I spend a lot of time cooling down while riding and when you look up, you’re greeted with chaotic beauty. The ride and journey continues…

Next up, printing this Raidô graphic on a shirt to correspond with a 4/20 product launch and if all goes as planned, the Necronomicog set will be available soon after. Stay tuned!

  • Dontcoast


    Make this into a quality vinyl sticker please. With the dendritic veins and leaves in the background and all. Soooo sick.

    I will put this on every bike I own, and I do not like stickering my bikes.


  • ‘straya will get a set if i’m up at 4am to buy it, as always