Prolly is Not Sheldon Brown Apr 12, 2012

Tony originally came up with this idea and Jeff passed it by me to “ok” it. I think it’s great. These shirts will be for sale through Bike Jerks shortly!

  • Matt Starns

    YES! This has been far too long in the making. 

  • Evangelinegale

    The biggest difference being sobriety

  • wade

    We all love Sheldon Brown …
    I’ll take a large!

  • HELL YEAH I WORK FOR THE COMPANY THAT MAKES THOSE SCREENS! Water based Ink eh! [email protected] if you need the hook up on screen printing supplies!

    • I just don’t understand why he had film printed, when vellum would have worked just fine for this simple text.

      • Jeff Frane

        totally, what an asshole. what was he thinking?

        • Gosh Jeff, you fucked up.

          • Jeff Frane

            if it wasn’t fucked up it wouldn’t be bike jerks.  that’s kind of my steeze

      • because film is vastly superior to vellum, and if you have the tools why the fuck not use em?

      • Gazelle

        if by vellum you mean some transparent kind of chalk paper? yeah.

  • X30mileswest

    Make em stickers!

  • r.l.


  • Guest


  • Anon.

    That’s right mother licker Sheldon Brown would never run a loose chain. 

  • Michaelrusa

    not cool

  • Hommevelo

    Prolly may not be Sheldon Brown, but he will be Sheldon Brown.  We all eventually become Sheldon Brown as time goes by and we get older.  Will Prolly enjoy Sheldon’s immortality on the web years from now?  Only time will tell…

  • CL

    Is that a SuperStudio image of the nudist cyclist?

  • Hans

    whoever is “anon” and said “mother licker”, i like that. maybe the shirt should actually read prolly is not old gregg?

  • Blake

    Dig your blog and all, but this is fucking sacrilege.   

    • A Concerned Reader

       Same here. Enjoy your blog and I get the play off your tagline, but this gives the impression that people routinely would confuse you for Sheldon Brown or someone with the stature of Sheldon Brown. I always go through your updates and enjoy them, but Sheldon Brown is pretty much a legend.

      And so these shirts make it seem that you would presume to equate yourself with a legend.

      If I were you, I’d ask Tony and Jeff to please put the kibosh on it. Tell ’em that they can do a production run in 20 or 30 years…

      • I had nothing to do with this, send your concerns to Jeff!

        • A Concerned Reader

          In your post, you say they asked for your okay and that you gave it to them. So you approved/sanctioned it. And you’re promoting it with this post. I’d say that constitutes having “something” to do with it.

          It’s not like it’s some horrific affront. But I think it makes you look bad. Obviously you have a right to disagree.

  • piero

    no no.. non mi piace