Product Review: RiderPipe Apr 20, 2012

Sure, this may look like your average “bubble” or tobacco pipe but RiderPipe is cut a few notches higher than the rest. I’d mark this under a luxury item, more so than a staple: it’s for the connoisseurs of bubble blowing. These unique pipes are CNC machined in the USA from grade 2 commercially pure titanium and modeled after the Cook Bros. cranks of the 90’s. I got my hands on one at NAHBS and have been using it since.

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The RiderPipe comes with a belt-pouch if you don’t like having things in your pocket.

So why titanium? Well, it’s strong, lightweight, has a low thermal conductivity, is corrosion resistance, non-toxic, maintains elemental purity and a very neutral flavor.

It also won’t break if you fall on it while it’s in your pocket or pouch while riding.

Length is approx 2.7″ and the bowl is approximately 3/8″ in diameter. Dry weight is approx 35 grams. It’s finger sized, very light and slips easily into a jeans coin pocket. For cleaning, a cotton swab and alcohol work great.

$140 each For inquires or purchase: [email protected]

  • brian

    april 1st 2013 already?  my how time flies.  this will go great with my $700 mission workshop jacket.

  • don’t forget the iodized salt

  • jeff p

    What ever happened to the barend pipe?

    • sprinks

      the pentabike muststash? No updates from their blogspot in over a year. Maybe it’s still around?

    • Riderpipemeister

      I have one. Great idea but the materials are brass and aluminum it clogs due to a tiny bore and the ergonomics fall short. Ok for emergency backup i suppose in case you leave your ti pipe at home ;) On the plus side it looks like they may be coming out with a bar-end stash container. Slick.

  • Cooper

    I’m interested in the idea of a titanium pipe, metal is typically no-bueno.
    But for $140 I’d just buy a Helix setup, they’re gonna have a tough time selling those to your typical ent.

  • Pondoro51

    Worth about 30 bucks ,way over priced  .I am a C.N.C programmer the main cost is in the Titanium .Pondoro

    • Riderpipemeister

      Hey if you can make the next batch in the usa for 30 i would bring the price down accordingly but it’s a limited run of 50 and they were nowhere close to 30 dollars to make.

  • Trfking

    I was excited until I saw the price. For that much I could get a portable vaporizer or a glass on glass bong

  • Waynemorhart

    What ever happened to slamming a beer than using that as your pipe?

    • brian

      some of us stopped being 14.

      • cofo

        that sux

  • jonnie

    not a bad concept at all, but i could get an electroformed glass pipe for the same price

  • Ganjabomber
    • I’VE SMOKED OUT OF THAT. Pretty rad but it sucks because there’s no way to lay it down without it tipping.

      • Ganjabomber

        Yes you did

  • SWED

    Lol $140!!! I’ll keep my 3 foot Perc. Bong. 
    Prolly isn”t ready for 420 haha.

  • M3rz



  • Riderpipemeister

    Glass breaks. Titanium is forever. This is a very limited production piece, only 50 were made and they are made in the USA. (The cost to have it made in china is about $30.00) I am planning a second larger run when the first batch sells out and will be able to bring the price down due to the larger quantity. I got bids on the project from all over the country and was happy to get what I felt was a very fair price from a company with deep roots in the cycling industry.

  • Neil Fenton

    fancy apple

  • gawd i love my iolite
    butane powered means no re-charging or cords
    great for camping
    ~$150 ebay

  • Riderpipemeister

    I have had the prototype RiderPipe since 1990 when I first designed it. Show me a piece of glassware with 22 years of hard use and offroad carry and I will send you one for free. It’s not glass, that’s the point; glass is fine at home but this is made for daily carry and rough use. Do you carry a 3 foot bong in your pocket?? “Like a Chris King headset it will last forever” – Bikeblognyc

  • Remarkable device. Works great and cleans up better than any other material–even glass. Best of all is its silky machined heft. Feels great to have in hand. This thing falls somewhere between art and artifact, and is priced accordingly. Smoke em if you got em and this works for me.