Carradice Barley Saddle Bag

Andy from FYXO and I were joking about product reviews when we finished up our walkabout. He said something to the extent of “if that bag survived our ride, then it’s worth a review”. There’s nothing pretty about a saddle bag on a road or cross bike but sometimes you need some extra cargo room. Since I was carrying my camera gear and food in my backpack, I wanted to be able to throw my clothes and other gear on the bike somewhere.

Blakey had this Carradice Barley Saddle Bag and Bagman Sport Support quick-release rack in Melbourne, so I borrowed it. Initially skeptical, Andy and Dan looked at the bag and implied that I’d know how secure it was after the first day… But alas, all weathered fine.

Check out the Gallery by clicking the photo above, or click here to open a new tab.

  • Close, but not quite. It’s a Nelson Longflap, not a Barley.

  • which giro model is that?

  • njvaldes

    Out of curiosity, what is your day to day camera bag for most of your rides?  Are you using that sling bag you posted up awhile back?

  • hiding

    maybe i missed the info but what kind of camera do you normally take during your rides? heavy reflex or compact?

  • Sandwich

    Since you had the braze-ons for it, why didn’t you just use a rear rack to hold your bag?

    • I didn’t bring one with me to OZ and this was the easiest way to go.

  • Sandwich

    Was the bag/support ‘bouncy’ at all? 
    Or did it have any side to side action going on?

    • No side to side, no thigh rubbing, no bouncing.

  • Sean

    I used to commute with one of these in NYC.  I was really excited when I got it because of how much praise these receive from Jobst Brandt.  I remember having to order it Unfortunately, these things are a lousy product.  The weight is much too high on the bike.  Mine rubbed on my thighs, and swung back and forth even with the bagman support.  Forget climbing out of the saddle if you have any weight in there beyond a sweater vest.  The bagman support attaches to the seat rails via set screws.  These slip and the support falls off.  The wooden dowel that gives the bag its shape is very soft and prone to breaking.  The leather buckles that attach to the brooks saddle can’t be made secure.  I would give mine away but unfortunately its life ended between two cabs, where it was torn off and run over (because of its excessive width).

    Its not so much that the design is bad (although it is), its that the execution of every feature and attachment point is unresolved, tedious, fragile, ill fitting, or specifically designed to work with other esoteric equipment.  I used this bag with a Brooks B17 and a bagman support, which is its intended configuration.  


    • Sean

      *I remember having to order it from a supplier in England.

  • Paul Paul

    Hey John, do you think I could strap that bag to my 42c handlebars? I mean it’s 29cm wide but it looks much wider on real pictures.