Phil Wood Likes it Fat Apr 10, 2012

I don’t think it gets much fatter than this. Hell, that looks like it’d fit on a dirtbike. I’ll save you from counting the spokes. It’s a Phil Wood 64-hole disk hub for a new project the team’s working on.

  • Raymondrewalker

    I just creamed my shorts… What’s that weigh, like 12lbs?

  • rhinocerousface

    more like 12 kilograms

  • Diegusmaximus32

    the new generation of FGFS

  • Velotech Asia

    Wow, what sort of lacing is that?! It’s boggling my mind!

  • gotta see the bike this ends up on

  • Alex12

    Is that 2x leading  2x trailing spoke pattern ? 

  • Surly and Phil Wood should team up and make the worlds heaviest bike.  

  • Unless I’m missing something, they’re using both the offset and non-offset holes in the Clown Shoe?

  • Terd Ferg

    5 Cross, look at dem spokes friends

  • why is “I like big butts” in my head? …

  • Very cool job on the lacing. Love the side by side nipples and the double row of spoke holes.