One of My Favorite Headsets Apr 23, 2012

Over the past few years, these Serotta track bikes have been floating around NYC due to them being sold at various swaps in the area. Serotta made these frames for the junior track league at T-Town and they came equipped, full Mavic Pista with my favorite headsets. While the tool is notoriously difficult to find, you can’t beat the aesthetic. It’s like a Campagnolo Contax model (Record, Chorus, C-Record) had a bastard lovechild with a Dura Ace 7200.

I’m still going through my photos from my Shop Visit to King Kog, where this was shot. Expect them to be posted shortly!

  • Mike

    I think at every veloswap, there is a guy selling like 10 of those, and they always sell out.  They ride Fujis now, just not the same, not the same at all…

  • is that krys’ old serotta? I know she has an awesome one, dont know if she sold it.

  • I saw a few of these at the philly bike expo for sale. really beautiful. maybe i’ll be able to pick one up someday if they float around the east coast.

    • Mike

      If you go to the flea market in T-town, on May 5th, im sure they will be selling them.

      • Terd Ferg


  • Reeloner

    I have this headset on my Mécacycle Turbo track, the tools are very hard to find !
    For me it’s the best headset i have seen…
    the bike , headset and tools are not for sale ! i live in France ;)

  • threw a leg over that serotta last month when i was in new york. nice bike indeed.