One Feather to Rule them All Apr 12, 2012

I’ve been enjoying the shit out of my Icarus track bike and recently, I tracked down an 1 1/8″ Columbus MAX stainless fork crown for her, along with MAX blades. While I love the unicrown fork, the main reason we chose it was for it’s beefiness, when compared to the MAX tubesets. There aren’t any steel track forks with 1 1/8″ steerers that can stand up next to the MAX downtube. The unicrown was also a bit of a nod the Chris Chance bikes, which were built on the same block as Ian’s old shop. Still, how could I say no to a full Columbus MAX track bike? More to come, once I get my hands on the bugga’. Ian’s shipping out the raw fork this week so I can polish the crown before paint.

I don’t know what spawned this post, I guess I just liked this random photo I took from a Recent Roll with 1600 Fuji Natura. That’s a pesky film to use but sometimes the grain works just right.

  • As much as I love the Somerville/Chance connection and the Chance/Fat City forks (and Geekhouse’s awesome homages to them), I always thought the segmented fork looked a little odd on this bike, though it is a thing of beauty on it’s own.  Ian’s gotta be psyched to make another fork for this masterpiece, with a sweet crown.

    (btw, the link to Icarus above doesn’t seem to be working)

  • Cl4sh

    what dropbar is that? beauty.

  • Ckamp

    Yes. Max forks are the best.