Nicolai Argon Road / Touring / Racing Frameset Apr 16, 2012

I’ll admit, I saw neon and thought “oh pretty”, then I read up on Nicolai’s Argon road / touring / tracing frameset (yes, I have no idea how those geometries overlap). But the color, named “alarm dizzy camou”, is probably what caught Death Spray Custom‘s eye. As far as the bike is concerned, it’s Gates compatible and their description seems very, um, German:

“It has to be said that the Argon Road is not your conventional road bike. There are no smooth welds, no intricate lugs and no carbon tubes. However, you can not fail to be convinced by its superior stiffness to weight ratio. Indeed, both the torsional and the longitudinal stiffness of the Argon Road are almost unrivalled and it significantly outperforms carbon competitors in this respect. (Test EFBe Institute 2006) So how does a rider benefit from this? On long climbs in the mountains the Argon Road saves energy. On long Alpine descents the rigidity allows unparalleled tracking – it corners like it is on rails. After all, what is better when road-racing than being just that little bit faster? ”

I just like the paint.

  • sorry charlie

    “i just like the paint.”
    well said.

  • Thetooth

    “road / touring / racing frameset”

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