Merckx Mondays Apr 2, 2012

The Eddy Merckx Motorola livery might just be the most famous paint scheme in American cycling. I bumped into this bike while In Sydney a few weeks back. Gorgeous huh? But it’s not so peachy for Mr. Merckx these days. He’s facing charges in a Belgian police graft case… Yikes!

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Photo by Andy White

The worldwideweb often asks Andy White of Fyxomatosis “what exactly do you do?”… His answer is simple: M.A.D.D. – head to FYXO to see more of this beauty and to uncover how some “bloggers” make their living doing what they love.

Photo by Evan Brown

Since “the Internet” likes to bash girls and their fixed gear conversions (how lame is that?), I figured I’d serve up a nice conversion with a front rack. There’s nothing gauche or controversial about this bike! Catch it in Brooklyn and if you talk shit on this bike, he might just run you over.

Sometimes stories follow bikes, in this case, Dwayne shares the background on his Eddy Merckx Professional pista:

“The fallen comrade mentioned is Paul from LFGSS, nicknamed 50/14 because of the gear he chose to ride brakeless on the very hilly London to Brighton route. It turned into carnage because of an accident he caused but he eventually charmed his way out of it.

Grand Slam in a Day is the twice yearly London cycling pub crawl held by the forum reaching 8 pubs and over 50 miles.
Hope you’re able to post a pic.


Merckx Mondays? Is that it?

Nope. You need a snack to top it off.

Why go with those ‘stinger waffles when you can have the real deal? Lance is Not Eddy. Nor do other stroopwafels touch Musette Bakery‘s Eddy. These whole wheat waffles are perfect for those ride snacks, whether you’re riding Liege or just your favorite loop.

More on Musette to come… for now, that’s Merckx Mondays, all wrapped up.

  • cooperleeray

    man, that motorola merckx is sick! got more 35mm shots of it?

  • Saw a looker last Tuesday. Lurkin for a Merckxn!

  • Tgtodd

    Sweet pista!

  • Hr

    Every time I see a brakeless track bike with tubulars that is supposedly used on the road I can’t help but laugh.. 

  • mid-ride snacky snack: