Surly Party Bike

When I was in Brooklyn, this Surly Steamroller caught my eye one morning. The “battleship grey” models were my favorites and I always wanted one. This was before they got rid of the curvy stays and went onto the “poop brown” color that I had. Surly Steamrollers are still, to this day one of the best street fixed gears you can buy. Big tires, set up perfectly for SS CX and tough as hell.

This one however, was perfection. Gold Campagnolo BMX cranks, townie bars, big tires and from the looks of the empty Corona bottle, it’s an ideal party bike. Unfortunately, a rather surly truck driver parked in front of it before I could get a better shot of the pista cranks but so it goes.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • LG

    Strada BMX cranks yo!

  • anon

    I’m not sure why everyone flocks to Surly around here. Overpriced generic Taiwanese frames. The only thing creative about them is their marketing.

    • this frame pre-dates all other “mailorder fixed” frames. I don’t even think IRO was available at the time. Think about it, no other company had street fixed gear frames available. 

    • Switching Gears Cyclery

      They are not generic Taiwanese frames, they are well engineered, time tested frames that fill small niche needs at an awesome price point, made in Taiwan. 
      Have you ridden one? I have ridden them all (a crosscheck for over 160,000 miles). As a bike shop owner I haven ridden most bikes under the sun. I rate them pretty high for the price point.

  • Interesting setup having a rear brake only. Any advantage to that over a front brake on a fixed gear?

    I had a Crosscheck in this same color from 2007? that was an awesome bike for city or road riding.

    • yeah.

      it’s a freewheel, not fixed, so rear only makes sense. like a giant bmx

      • yup

        what he means is no advantage.

  • Mmtmatrix

    SS CX w/o canti studs?

    • I have known people to use PAUL Racer Med’s on these as SS CX frames.

  • Evangelinegale

    Did they use the same company and design to make the old lemond fillmores? A friend of mine has one and its the exact same color and design.

  • just sayin

    wait….this bike is set up really jackass.  seat slammed forward and angled way down… only one brake and the lever is backwards (and the housing isnt even zip tied down).


    • Maybe the owner will see you comment and fix all those problems.

  • owen

    i’m pretty sure this is my favorite “locked up” post, ever.

    this bike is rad