Kim Heikkinen: Jukka’s Kissena Velo Fund Bike Apr 10, 2012

Photo by Kim Heikkinen

When I think of Finland, I think of death doom metal, not an Affinity Cycles Kissena Velo Fund bike. Thanks to Kim Heikkinen for keeping me on my toes. Jukka’s Kissena looks great and remember, you can get your hands on one of these bikes right here.

  • Guest

    wut is dis, overpriced VISP with glitter paintjob.. :D

  • M4sh€r

    This should be thrown off a bridge. 

    • Jason

      I guesss your not into supporting Velodrome projects…

      • Guest

        I guess your not into

  • thatsright

    Looks awesome! . . more than awesome

  • Guest