Introducing the Fairdale Parser Roger Skateboards Edition

Michael Sieben and Taj Mihelich have been friends since the early days of T-1. So it only made sense that when their respective companies, Roger Skateboards and Fairdale blossomed, they should do a collaboration. Skateboarding is a great way to get around but by the time you get to the spot or the park, you’re already toast, especially in the Summer heat. So these two businessmen thought, hey, why not make a bike that embodies both of our brands and add some pizzazz to it?

The Fairdale Parser Roger Skateboards edition is just that. A simple commuter, stripped down to the basics and with a little extra bounce for the buck. This limited run of 50 will come in Fairdale sizing of 10 small completes, 30 medium, and 10 large. They’ll be built, as shown, minus the hand brake (production model will have a coaster brake), will feature the new Fairdale Archer Bars, a complete Roger skateboard and the new Fairdale Cargo Skaterack.

This is their final sample, done in-house with spraypaint, so expect a much nicer production paint. Retail is $800 and they can be ordered through Full Factory Distribution via your LBS, late May 2012.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • So RAD! Love Roger Skateboards

  • Spoon


  • Chris

    LOVE this paint scheme. Wish i didnt just buy a SS.. :(

  • RJ

    want one soo bad.

  • Charles Thomas Maguire


    • I am not going to answer ANY questions that are revealed in the post copy…

  • Cockboy

    fuck skaters fuck fixies fuck scooters fuck cars fuck old people fuck cops fuck high fructose corn syrup RIDE BMX

    • I betcha your girlfriend (boyfriend?) loves your unwillingness to try something new.

    • truth

       fuck you, paperboy. hope you’ve enjoyed riding skteboarding’s coattails for the last few decades.

  • Jon

    That bike is way to sexy to come with a coaster brake. I hope they consider offering a freewheel or cassette version.

  • xDanimalx

    I’m so stoked you posted this Proll. I’m deff ordering the rack! Just emailed them!

  • Kylernmartz

    Those bars looked perfect, any idea when/where they will be available?

    • sigh, no one reads anything, do they? ;-) “late may”

      • Kylernmartz

        haha, thought that was just the completes. gracias.

  • The muthafuckin EMD

    Love the concept , but this is another example of The Man trying to keep the plus sized brother down. Size up Bitches! How about a 62cm?

  • Erik Binggeser

    No grip on that board? Really?

    • Dude, you obviously don’t skate. Grip is like a saddle. People would just rip it off and put on their preference anyway.

      • What?

         Pot calling the kettle black? No one takes their grip off.

        • I was partially joking about that… but maybe times have changed since I skateboarded. Grip was a big preference growing up.

      • Erik Binggeser

        Dude, I’ve been skateboarding for 14 years. Grip is grip is grip. Mob or Jessup is everyones favorite anyway. They coulda just used that.

      • Erik Binggeser

        Dude, I’ve been skateboarding for 14 years. Grip isn’t at all like a saddle. Saddle prices and quality have a MASSIVE range. All griptape is basically the same shit and costs $4-8 a sheet. 

        I guess you just made it obvious that you don’t skate.

      • truth

         you obviously don’t skate either, goober.

    • Bobbyp

      Dudes, the board that comes with the production bike will come with grip tape.  The bike above is just a sample/mock up.  This is the actual deck that will come with the board.  They didn’t have this deck gripped because they are keeping it to hang on the walls in the Fairdale office. 

      • Erik Binggeser

        Dude. I get that it’s a sample / mockup, but anyone who knows anything about skateboarding would never use a naked board in any sort of photoshoot simply because of how much it stands out as being weird.

        • Bobbyp

          Thanks for your input!