Indonesia Critical Mass: Jakarta March 2012 Apr 9, 2012

I have many issues with Critical Mass but it’s hard to argue that events like this aren’t building a strong sense of community. But that’s urban cycling in general. When something becomes popular, it goes through phases and the popularity of singlespeeds, track bikes and fixed gears have helped catalyze that, even in Indonesia. Would this event have such a large turn out, say 4 years ago? Probably not. If you’re in Jakarta, swing through next time!

  • boringusername

    I always tend to agree with your opinions on cycling, so I wondered what issues you have with Critical Mass. Not that I disagree. Just curious. 

    • NY’s a great example. You didn’t need a permit to ride en masse on bikes before Critical Mass and everyone tried to make the “streets safer” by blocking red lights and slowing traffic. Months of legal back and forth and now you “need a permit” to ride with more than 10 cyclists. Put that power in the hands of the NYPD and you’ve got a problem.

      I think riding a bike is great, obviously, I just think the whole “in your face” thing gets out of hand. It frustrates drivers, puts people at risk and personally, I think the added aggression just creates more bike vs. car pressure.

      I’m probably being unclear here, because I’m in the middle of something…

      • boringusername

        No, I totally agree. Just wondered if there was something I was missing. Chicago seems to be about the same atmosphere. Seeing so many people on bikes is great, but the attitude of antagonizing cars doesn’t seem like the right way to go. 

        You gonna be stopping through for Chicago CMWC?