iMinus D: Grime Bikes – Pop Up Pop Off 01 Apr 10, 2012

You know what’s good. iMinus D, Grime and pop-up jams in San Jose!

“iMiNUSD and Grime held a no-notice pop-up jam in a Downtown San Jose bum park. The Don’t Nark In The Park Jam features riding from Ed Wonka, Gabe Alcantara, Alex Blanco, Matt Montoya, Christian Hamrick, Jeff Dempler, and Mike Schmitt. For a mellow BBQ day some pretty technical tricks went down. I almost can’t even tell some of the switch tricks apart from the natural ones. The scene out here is so next level, there must be something in that San Jose water that the government isn’t telling us about.”

Killer use of the Cannibal Holocaust soundtrack.

  • ActuallyLikesBikesNotAttention

    I don’t know. Grimes disposition has been a turnoff for a while now. Making fun of lesser riders is the only thing that hurts the sport. I feel like i just watched bum fights.

    • Bi-nononmous

      when i saw the post mike did on facebook dissing you prolls i stopped caring about grime. this is what happens with sponsors empower people to the point of wannabe rockstars. this makes me not want to buy iminus d too.

      • but would you buy Oakley sunglasses?

      • krillz

        grime is not a sponsor to mike, he owns it. you know whats good. 

    • krillz

      you feel like you watched bum fights? we dont make fun of lesser riders, this is Krillz, i can hardly wheelie. it sounds more like a personal thing, we are getting up and riding with youngins and beginners all the time. everyone sucks at some point.  

  • GoBackToInlineSkating

    “Catch up world”  is a very pretentious thing to say. That is exactly what mike said on his twitter when he posted it. There is something to be said for the riders who just keep their heads down and do their lines and let those speak for themselves. This does not even hold a candle to that Tyler Johnson edit from a few days back. Clean camera work, creative use of an urban environment. That is practically art. You say the world needs to catch up but I think you guys need to grow up. The tricks no longer look fun when you know how vain the people doing them are.

    • krillz

      The TJ edit was sick! 

      Most companies dont put themselves out there. We are completely transparent, and interactive every day, saying and acting how we feel with little or no filters.
      Not really “keeping our heads down” type of dudes. Alot of other companies… you dont even know the suit behind the desk running that shit. With us… well… its just us… One of the drawbacks of putting ourselves out there, is that we may offend some people along the way. If you dont like Mikes demeanor on twitter, unfollow him and look for a more pc opinionless company. Thats not really nor has it ever been our steez.

      • LOLliar

        didnt sadio bail your sinking ship out?

        • krillz

          more like the other way around. =) but thanks.

        • krillz

          it was the other way around. =)

      • I agree with a lot of this but the Fixed Freestyle facebook was run exclusively by Mike, Matt and Wonka. There were numerous posts where they picked on kids’ videos, belittling their efforts. That may be transparent, but in my opinion, it’s just a cheap shot. 

        Then Mike posted a photo I took of AJ, and a screen shot from Matt’s video, saying I lied in a post about the distance AJ hopped when Mike’s never even been to the spot. And besides, who cares if it was 9″ off?

        Being honest and real isn’t mutually exclusive to being positive and supportive. Isn’t that what the Fixed Freestyle site was supposed to be about? So you can’t be surprised when people see Mike acting like this and associate it with Grime.
        I love what Grime has accomplished, I just wish someone would man up and turn that negative arrogance into something more positive. 

        • Krillz

          grime doesn not run the fixed freestye facebook and i dont have anything to do with mike, aj, your own feelings. if you have a problem with our grime, then dont post it.

        • krillz

          ok prolly. open your site up to everyone in the world and see how you do without deleting anyones posts.  GRIME dont have anything to o with or tricktrack. i am “manning up” and calling your phone, you should call me back.

  • Comments deleted. I don’t need this shit.