Hold Fast’s 29’r FGFS Prototype Frame Apr 2, 2012

If you weren’t aware of this frame, then chances are you haven’t really been paying attention to the Bmore Fixed guys. Hold Fast has been developing their MADE IN THE USA 29’r fixed freestyle frames for over a year now and this is the first that we’re seeing any official information on it. I’m very into this bike, not only as a FGFS frame but also for some quick off-road action. Two very talented frame builders are making these, on either coast!

Check out more at BMORE FIXED

  • Jimmy

    That head tube angle off-road?  Really?

    • I take the Bruiser off road all the time and there’s a guy in Colorado who’s been racing in SSMTB races on his…

      different approach to riding, that’s for sure.

      • Dontcoast

        then there’s 0 BB drop on this thing too…off road that may be good for clearance,  but as far as center of gravity in rough stuff it’ll handle funny

        but yeah whatever, fire roads on track bikes are fun too, it’s one of my fave lunch break rides, just different…

        This bike looks like it would be so much fun in so many ways, especially if it’s lighter than most FGFS offerings out there!

  • Looks pretty beastly. Some tight geo too. I’m in.

  • I am gonna wait for the new Bruiser!

    • totally different beasts. This one’s neg bb, super compact and low standover. Three things the Bruiser will not be.

      • understood. I am more into the mellower side of trick riding. The bruiser is just more my speed for what i need. 

  • Mark$ter

    It will catch on how fast and fun these are off road in no time. Next big thing? Probably not. But for those who tuck in…

    • Rob

      They’ll also be available with an option for removable 990 mounts front and rear.  

  • cofo

    this bitch is wileyyyyyY

  • Kteket

    wait till you feel how light it is…

    • True Temper Supertherm?

      • Rob

        OX Platinum, FTW.  No gussets, either.  
        Don’t forget that we got the 26″ & 24″ too.

  • Snow

    wow that really looks good, geo looks solid.

  • Trfking

    Who will be making the east coast frames? FBM?

  • Chrisclappe

    this shit is the shit

    • Snow