Grime: Shredwell Two Promo Apr 20, 2012

Grime just posted a preview to their highly-anticipated Shredwell Two.

“Teaser of our upcoming GRIME team video SHREDWELLTWO. Featuring Ed Wonka, Mike T Schmitt, Devon Lawson, Anthony Combs, Ricardo Lino, Gabe Alcantara, & Christian Hamrick.

Filmed by Matt Slumworm Reyes, Colby Elrick, Mike T Schmitt & Christian Hamrick.
Edited by Mike T Schmitt

There will be an advanced screening of the video at the pre-party for Red Bull Ride&Style at the CHROME store in San Francisco.”

This is looking damn good.

  • thatguy

    dont get me wrong there are some big moves in here but all this handrail shit is gay. does it remind people of rollerblading or is it just me? just cuz you can do it doesnt make you the hardest ballerina in your class.

    • krillz

      if you dont like handrails, there are a ton of other edits that dont touch them you can watch.