Get the Morning After Pill Delivered by Couriers in the UK Apr 17, 2012

Touchdown! Well, maybe you weren’t gunning for that just yet.

DrEd, a British website that bills itself as “the online medical practice for everyone,” is launching an emergency contraception bike delivery service that promises to discreetly deliver the morning after pill to any London location within two hours for £20 — as the website points out, that’s “about £5 less than it would cost to walk into a pharmacy and order the morning after pill over the counter.””

Wow. See more at Jezebel.

  • Lemontime

    Relevant picture?

    • Marc’s not a messenger but I liked the “touchdown!”

    • maybe checkpoint boy is gonna start his own Brooklyn Branch of un-baby-makin’

  • TCB could be the poster child for emergency contraception in SF

  • Rodney King

    80’s porn dictates that the delivery scenario will result in women getting stuck in a perpetual cause and effect loop.