FYXO Kits are In Stock! Apr 8, 2012

Andy’s finally got all his ducks in a row. The entire FYXO apparel line is now for sale. Pick up the FYXO Awesome jersey, FYXO Hi-LUX jersey, FYXO L’ARBRE jersey, FYXO Classic Bib and caps here at FYXOMATOSIS. Even if you don’t want to buy one, head over just to check out all the awesome photos. Oh and if you spend $300 at the store, you’ll get free, world-wide shipping.

99% Hype Free, hand made in OZ.

All FYXO apparel has a 365-day warranty. Read details at FYXO

  • i love the assos logo … ahm “awesome” logo i mean :) great stuff!

  • Chris

    Awesome stuff but where on the site would one find the sizing chart?

  • Dan Reid

    just what i’ve been waiting for!