Flag Hatchet Shirts in Stock Apr 18, 2012

I’ve got a very limited run of Flag Hatchet shirts in the Web Shop. Levi’s printed these up, on American Apparel tees, in their SF flagship store. Scoop one up while you can for $25 shipped IN THE USA ONLY!

Check out more shots below.

  • Majaco


    • Majaco


  • Eric

    Are they there? Don’t see them?

  • Fixed – sorry about that

  • Eric

    No XL????!!!

    • I had nothing to do with the size run. This is what Levi’s sent me. :-(

      • Eric


  • Mark

    So….no Canada?

  • Patrick

    Why US only?!

    • Working out a shipping system and don’t have time this week to do customs forms. Don’t worry, there’s something coming for everyone in the next few days!

      • Mark


  • swag

  • SWofford

    if im in atx can i just come pick one up from you in person?

  • jeff puckett

    Damnit! large sold out stupid fast…

  • I’m gonna start doing a boomerang shirt… ;) ‘Cos these are awesome!

  • Hubba

    Will this shirt land me an American babe like that?

  • mama prolly

    Beautiful model. 

  • Lemontime

    So all us bill murray meat pie motherfuckers miss out?! Hater…

  • Hanz

    dunno what to think, really!?

  • That first photograph after the jump is so good.

  • Y-King

    next time mor shirts and world wide shipping please