Fitness with Kym Perfetto Apr 5, 2012

Kym has really pushed her spin classes over the years. When I first met her, she raced alleycats and was incredibly fast on the street and now, she works at Soul Cycle where she has a client list filled with celebrities. I.e. she’s made a name for herself in NYC, one of the hardest working cities in the world. Congrats girl! You deserve it.

  • Pretty badass.

  • xav

    oh my god no…..this shit is fucking bullshit!

    • Why you mad brah?

      • xav

         social distortion…..

  • She took First place female at the 2011 NYC Thanksgiving Alleycat.

  • Kperfetto

    Thanks! I never had a job harder than messengering and I have nothing but respect for the courier community. Everyone I raced around the world pushed me to be faster & work harder- whether they liked me or not- I say thanks.