The Red Bull #RideNStyle Minidrome Qualifier

I’ve never seen a Red Bull MiniDrome in person before, so last night was a blast for me. The #RideNStyle MiniDrome Qualifier kicked off at 6pm and went on all night as people raced for their best times. Unsurprisingly, BMX and fixed freestyle racers held onto the best lap times but that didn’t stop people from trying their hardest on their track bikes. Racers from all over the world showed up, clipped in and tried to hold on… In the end, Addison Zawada sealed the deal yet again. 904 Fixed representing!

Click the above photo to launch the gallery, or here to open in a new tab.

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  1. Daniel says:

    Hey! This looks different. The riders started on the inside of the drome? Were the times better?

  2. 904 Fixed says:

    No link! Thanks for the shout out though. Addison’s a beast.

    • JasonClary says:

      Addison Zawada is a good dude and the minidrome is his race. When I heard he was coming I asked the RedBull rep if I could get on the minidrome early for some practice laps. He said that would be unfair to the rest of the races. I definitely felt I was at a disadvantage. After only 4 practice laps right before my first heat, I didn’t feel solid on the track. Addison has had more time on that thing than anyone. Plus they let a 20 year old in a 21+ venue when I had friends that weren’t let in. Bottom line Addison is gifted on whatever he is riding. He is a solid guy and I think he deserves the title. I do think the good sportsmen thing to do would be to let some other people have a chance at winning the minidrome. 

      • 904 Fixed says:

        I can agree with you somewhat there. I’m not sure why they wouldn’t let you practice the track a little more to get the hang of it. In Charlotte they gave us free reign to practice as much as we wanted until 9. I’m not sure if it was the same officials or not.

        In reply to him refraining from competing in other Mini Dromes due to “sportsmanship” is a quite absurd. If anyone else was as good at something as he is at the Mini Drome, they would most likely keep pursuing it to the best of their ability. Just because he’s winning most (not all) of the Mini Dromes? Everyone else has the same opportunities that he’s had. He works his ass off, just to scrounge up enough money to make it to the event, and puts his honest effort and skill into winning. His previous competitors could come out and compete and try again to beat him, but no one is as dedicated or has the heart this kid has. I’m not seeing the problem in that. Red Hook Crit, Daniel Chabanov keeps winning. In Europe, Toms Alsberg has won the Mini Drome 4 times. Haven’t seen complaints about either of those.

        Almost every Mini Drome after Orlando I’ve heard the same negative comments and some messed up things said about a kid who’s actually a pretty legit guy.

        And Jason, this comment isn’t fully directed to you. A few other people need to see this too, and I’ve held my tongue for quite a few months.

        I’ll leave it at that, and personally, I’d love to see someone beat him.

        • JasonClary says:

          I kicked with Addison all weekend. Love the kid to death. Just to let you know I was at Redhook and Dan Chabonov stepped down and will not be competing after 3 wins. I don’t have anything bad to say about Addison. He deserves to reap the benefits of all his hard work. I was just giving my personal opinion on the topic. No negative vibes coming from me. Have a good one!

          • 904 Fixed says:

            Totally understand man. Thanks for hanging with him, because I know he didn’t know anyone out there.  Also, thanks for keeping it positive and keeping any thoughts and criticism you had constructive.

          • JasonClary says:

            Addison will tell you I helped him out as much as I could. Introduced JAsonhim to reps and got him into vip at the Three 6 Mafia show. We had a F__king blast. Can’t wait to see him again..

          • Smittysbmx says:

            Jason you are a cool dude and fun to be around, but one thing I have to say about the whole thing, you could have spent the money to come to any of the races you wanted to. Hell you could have gotten anyone of your sponsors to send you to them. I paid my own way to everyone of those events and put my time and effort in. Like I told you and I wasn’t lieing. One it was a completly diff track and 2 my sencond fastest qualifying time was in orlando at the veryy first minidrome I competed in. I’m building a base for a future in cycling. I dream everyday of not only riding along side of Austin on the aredBull crew… but also to make a living riding my bike for a living. Its a passion that I don’t even know if you can understand. I’ve been riding fixed gear bikes for less than a year … I’m probably done with the minidrome stuff because its a dead horse for now, but I will do what it takes to turn my dreams to reality. I proved this weekend that I can win off the minidrome. I had to ride the minidrome this weekend to ride in the finals. I don’t accept 2nd place. I’m a racer by heart. 1st is whedre I always strive to be.

          • JasonClary says:

            Totally understand and respect you as a rider. Glad I got to meet you. I see big things in your future and don’t take anything I am saying as a negative. Your always gonna shake things up when you come out and kill it! Great work out there..

          • 904 Fixed says:

            Unfortunately I was just shy of being able to afford to go. Next year for sure I’m gonna try to come out. Still though…. Three…. 6…… Mafia.

          • JasonClary says:

            Addison will tell you that I helped him out as much as I could. Introduced him to rep’s and got him in vip at the Three 6 Mafia show. We had a F__king blast. Can’t wait to see him again…

          • 904 Fixed says:

            WTF?! Three 6 Mafia……… damnit why couldn’t I have made this with him!?!?!?!

          • JasonClary says:

            If you were with us you woulda been on my guest list!

  3. adam toepfer says:

    Team BURRO!  Nice.

  4. Tom Mosher says:

    I try to stay positive in comments I make but I am happy to veer off on this one. 

    FUCK THAT KID going around winning every minidrome!!  It’s FUCKING LAME travelling to every event to kick peoples ass at something they’ve never tried before but you’ve been drilling for months. 


    • thewhite says:

      hey, you could work your ass off to be able to afford the plane ticket or pack a bunch of friends in a car and drive to the events close enough to do it in a weekend as well. would you still think it unfair if you could make it to the events but he still beat you? the kid has natural talent and i swear was born on a bike without training wheels.

    • John Watson says:


    • Ashwhite says:

      yeah, you so right bro!

    • lostmayhem says:

      You want some cheese with that WHINE!!!!!!

  5. CC says:

    In soviet russia, velodrome appropriate size for you. 

  6. Tony Rabeneau says:

    Had a great time last night. Almost jumped off the end but pulled it together. I was wearing the pink cut-off christmas sweater. Hahaha. I knew if I didn’t do well atleast i’d look like an asshole. Great pictures man. See you tomorrow.

  7. Stevenobester says:

    Yooo @904fixed WE OUT THERE.

    Tom you got ur panties in a knot huh?

  8. A904AZSupporter says:

    What I would like everyone to understand (and those who attended the RB Ride + Style know this). Addison went out to Cali to compete in the Ride + Style track race. The way Red Bull set up the event was, qualifying for the Saturday track race was via the Mini Drome on Thursday. His goal was to be first place in qualifying (as was every other rider, I imagine). Not only so that he would actually qualify for Saturday’s track race, but because Addison is a competitor through and through, and he always brings his game to a race, no matter what the race is.  Addison did not compete in the Ride + Style last year, so he didn’t receive an automatic invite. He had to make it to the Track Race on Saturday by “earning it” in qualifying. And he knew he was up against some of the best fixed gear riders from all over the world, so he did what he does. This was not a situation where this guy flew to Cali to beat everyone on the Mini Drome.  This was a situation where this guy went out to Cali to WIN the RB Ride + Style track race. But he had to kill it on the Mini Drome to earn a spot on Saturday. And, also remember, it’s not like Addison has a Mini Drome in his back yard that he can practice on. The only practice he gets is right before/during a mini drome race. And each mini drome is different (though you may not know it), so while the principle may be the same, the track never is.  Aside from the mini drome race in Charlotte 2 – 3 weeks ago (which he did NOT win, by the by – he took third – he had to race bmx bikes), he hasn’t been on a mini drome since Vancouver last year.

    There will always be haters when someone is successful – it goes with the territory. But you need to know the facts before you rush to judgment. Addison is a fantastic young man, who is an inspiration and role model for a lot of young – and old riders – here in Florida.   Take the time to get to know him, and you’ll understand the kind of guy he is. 

    And Jason, like 904Fixed said, this is not directed at you. We here in the 904 know this kid named Addison Zawada, and when we hear the hating (especially in this situation), we can only take it for so long before we have to step up and give the facts. 

  9. Tom Mosher says:

    Just to clarify my thoughts a bit.  My issue isn’t with Addison as a person, he seemed like a swell guy in Toronto.  And actually, the way A904AZSupporter framed it makes it all seem, understandably, like this minidrome was just a necessary step on the way to the Track event.

    I think my venting was partly based on residual emotions I had after the Toronto Minidrome.  Lots of people felt a little gyped that the magic of their event was kinda robbed by a ringer that had vastly more experience than anyone else.  We were all nervous and excited to take this on for our first time and then this guy strolls in fresh off a string of victories doing this one thing we’ve all never done and obliterates everyone.  It was exactly as impressive as a competitive velodrome racer crushing a group of newbies that are making their first laps around the track.

    You know what I mean?  

    Anyways, I’m done contributing to negative vibes, in the end it’s just a bunch of fun and playing on our sweet toys so whatever.

    • Smittysbmx says:

      Im not and never have been a ringer Tom. I understand where you are coming from, but also remeber that i worked my ass off to make it to all of those races. I payed my way to everyone of those races. No one ever payed for my trip. I borrowed money from my mom that I am still paying back to this day. I work 45hrs a week at a local bike shop making minimum wage and live in a  4bdroom aprt with 3 friends. I commute to and from work, i ride bikes 7 days a week either at the skatepark, a bmx track, mtb trails, or on the road. I don’t own a minidrome, i payed my way to the races. I got a buddy adn split the trip 2 ways, it wasn’t free for me. I made the effort just like anyone could have done. Nothing stopped you or anyone else from paying your way to Orlando or even the Mtl race. And for the record, my total lap time in Orlando was faster than any total lap time i layed down in Toronto. So I do understand where you and all these guys are coming from, a guy comes from outta town and steals the glory from a local.. no one would like that, but before you say bad words about me and hating because i had prior experience… remember, you could have payed your way to the same exact prior experience i had.

      Addison Zawada

      • John Watson says:

        Tom just gets over-caffeinated and usually, once a year, goes off on a rant like this. Mosher, you of all people should know that hard work = rewards.

  10. J.O.B. says:


  11. Ukiah says:

    Put together some quick footage of the drome in action for anyone who didn’t get to see it themselves!