Doug Dalrymple: Barrington St. Apr 2, 2012

Photos by Doug Dalrymple

I’ve been thoroughly enjoying Doug’s Tumblr, the Job. His candid street portraiture keeps getting better and case in point are these two shots from Barrington St in Halifax, N.S. Usually, Doug rolls around every day with his kit of lenses and bodies, in his messenger bag or backpack, capturing NYC at its finest but these two are from his recent touring expedition up the east coast, into Canada. Follow the Job here!

  • Sorry John but these are taken in Halifax, N.S. (2011)
    but thanks for the love

  • random dude

    really glad you shared. just scrolled through hundreds of photos.

  • xscott902x

    Awesome, some content from my hometown. I see this guy around all the time, and I’ve talked to him on a few occasions; one of the nicest guys you’ll ever meet.