Deal With It SF: Snow’s Tire Feeble Apr 5, 2012

Photo by Matt Rice

Snow has been commenting here on the blog for well over a full year now. Over the past few weeks, I’ve noticed photos of him riding on Matt’s Flickr and have been stoked on his 29’r pegless steez. I totally blanked on posting his pedal feeble last month but this tire feeble / edger is sick. Those are hands down my favorite trick on a fixed freestyle, especially when you can fly off the edge of a ledge. Keep at it dude!

  • good shit, finally a face the name!


      • Snow

        hell ya

        • Mike

          Get back to work 

          • Snow


  • Epsilon Rock

    EB86 all day.

  • Chaz


  • OAK

    ya’ll have no clue!

    the block is hot.

  • Snow

    One more clip and we start editing. Oakland coming out of the gate swinging haha

  • Nick Koo

    FUCK YEAH! EB86 ALL DAY. Get it Snow!

  • Ronnie

    One of the sickest bikes I’ve seen in the bay area. He hopped on my 26 setup and ripped within minutes. Much respect.

  • EB864LIFE

    86 love, way to be Snow.
    p.s  your welcome for the spot.

    • Snow

      yep, secret spots for days over there

  • Sam

    Fuck yeah, Snow! Oakland represent!

    • Snow

      haha thanks Sam

  • alberto

    Glad to see the East Bay getting some coverage!

  • Andy Sparks

    EB86 coming in hot… get ready