Creux Cycling: Liberator Bomber Jacket Apr 5, 2012

This one’s for the Aussies! While I was in Melbourne, I met up with Van from Creux Cycling and we pedaled around for a bit. He was wearing one of his Liberator Bomber Jackets and they just went up on the Creux site. I had a Campagnolo jacket that was very similar, but lacked a lot of the detailing that this one has. The drop-down flap, shown in the second photo is great because you can tuck it up into the jacket when you’re off the bike. Overall, this is a very stylish piece, with solid construction. It comes in an all-black version and one with cyan accents.

See more at Creux and if you’re in Melbourne, pick one up at NorthSide Wheelers!

  • Charles Thomas Maguire

    Holy f***, the jeans on their site look amazing. The jacket looks cool but the jeans take the cake, that built in chamois blows my mind. The straight leg cut is really nice also…

  • guest

    their pricing is a joke.

    • I doubt you know a damn thing about the Australian pricing system.

      • ummm, I’m Australian and I think their prices are a joke.
        $65 for a t-shirt!?yeah they look good, but!

        • Ok just making sure you weren’t some dumb kid. ;-)

  • Yad

    Priced a bit higher..yes, but last twice or three times as long. Cotton surf company tees cost 50 bucks, these well made, ride
    specific..head to kmart for cheap tee, you be sweating bullets and they
    will stink all day long.