C.B.S.P. Weekender – God Luck and Good Speed Apr 16, 2012

See larger here / photos from Jon’s, Ross’ and my Instagram feeds

What can I say? I was jamming out to Weedeater during this ride and the title “God Luck and Good Speed” just stuck. We woke up at 6am on Friday and hammered it out to Colorado Bend State Park in Bend, TX. The first day was 118 miles and 4,900′. Initially, I was planning on taking us through 2222 and the hills on the east side of Lake Travis but we found 71 to 281 was actually quite pleasant with the lack of traffic. Doing so shaved off 3,000′ of elevation and after we rolled in on the 8-mile long gravel park-access road on Friday afternoon, I don’t think anyone regretted it.

The gear we packed was light. I brought the Woodville out with two panniers, a tent and my handlebar bag. Jon took a backpack and tarps and Ross was packing the lightest with about 15 lbs. Camping at C.B.S.P. is “primitive” but it’s exactly what we all needed. We cooked and hauled our own food, slept until dawn and consumed far fewer calories than we burned. We woke up Saturday and hiked about 15 miles to Gorman falls before dipping into some lagoons. It was amazing.

Yesterday was a different story. The climb out of the park was made worse by the hour-long torrential downpour. I had a rain jacket, Ross and Jon did not. They were shivering by the time we made it to the first outpost. Shit coffee and loaner wool made it bearable. As well as the local’s commentary: “ya’ll been feeshin’?” “no we’re riding back to Austin” “….” From there, we made great time, save for the flats and stops for food. I pulled hard and I’m feeling it now. There were a few stretches where we pace-lined it for over 10 miles and well over 25mph. We reeled in 116 miles and 4,100′.

My legs hurt for the first time since my “walkabout” in he Aussie bush.

Here’s to the first of many summer-time weekenders. More to come once my film gets developed.

How was your weekend?

  • Luc

    This post has me even more stoked to bike camp. thanks.

    • warning: it’ll make you hate car campers. until they give you a burger and smores….

  • njvaldes

    Not to take away from the other coverage on your site but I’m always super stoked about these ride reports/photo spills.  Loving what you are doing!

  • christophersans

    fuck yeah magic tarpit in action! thats super dope. did he seriously sleep with just a bedroll and a tarpit>?

  • actually spent the weekend hiking through national park down under. great minds..?