Burro Gets Thorough with Japanther Apr 17, 2012

I’ve been waiting to post this for a little while but had to get higher-res photos from the Burro crew for the nice, cushy blog body formatting. Japanther has a huge following, much like Burro and I don’t imagine these sticking around for long. Pick one up here! I can’t wait to see who Burro is going to collab with next. Let’s just say, I’m sure a Chicago band by the name of BONGRIPPER could use some bags and I would buy one of those!  Seriously, someone set that one up.

  • my mates got a bongripper patch i’ve been buggin him to give me :'( wwaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah

  • I hit em up, we’ll see if they bite #satanworshippingdoom

  • Ancient Arrakis Youth

    seriously IM ALL FOR the BONGRIPPER collab. drooool.