Blink / Steady Lights Apr 16, 2012

At this point, I get at least a dozen emails a week from people regarding Kickstarter projects. I usually sift through the ones I like and this week’s pick are the Blink / Steady Lights. I can get behind all of this. If and when they develop a USB-chargeable version, I’ll support it even more. Regardless, these look great and are made in Brooklyn, NY but are not cheap. Check out more here.

  • James_Marquis

    Big price but those are so sweet and minimal.

  • tommaso

    Looks slick and that sturdy aluminum clamp is worth some extra cash…I’ve been through at least 5 of those Planet Bike tail lights ($20 a pop) because the plastic clips keep breaking.

    • Seriously though, they do look nice. But USB charging > Batteries.

      • yeah. i was in love until the mention of AAA. now i’m broken hearted

  • Blink Steady should:
    1. integrate a 300+ lumen head lamp into a road/track stem,
    2. integrate the tail light into a seat post,
    3. and make it all Li-ion with a long charger cable
    4. take my money

  • this one is allready backed, but its an awesome idea.

    • the back light gets brighter when you brake because the generator gets closer to the wheel!  

      i think we have a winner

      • Sadly not a winner for people who don’t have brakes to attach this unsightly lighting system to their bike. I ride a fixed gear so Magnic Light is not my cup of tea.