Ben’s Cycle in 1940 Apr 21, 2012

A lot of people think Ben’s Cycle is some massive mailorder company. They forget that Ben’s was and still is a brick and morter store, dating back to 1940. Hell, I doubt there are a lot of shops still open today that were doing business back then. See more photos at the Ben’s Cycle blog.

  • Fabio


  • ignor

    BUMSTEADS BIKES has been open for over a hundred years now

  • Stephen_jack_stephen

    bumsteads bikes in socal, 5th generation family owned since 1909

    over 102 years

  • Jake Ricker

    You people will pick apart anything…
    John wasn’t saying Ben’s is the oldest and greatest shop in the world.
    He was just sharing some history of a place his friends work at as well as a place that supports him and our scene.

    I didn’t know they were that old.
    I dig shit like this.
    That old theatre storage space is nuts!

  • Grammarkook