Beautiful Bicycle: Sönkes’ NOS Cinelli Laser Apr 16, 2012

Photos by Robin Nilssen

Yeah, go ahead and file this under “oh my fucking god”. So it seems that a plane, loaded with NOS Cinelli Lasers crash-landed in Stockholm many years ago. On an epic journey through the forests, in search of ancient runes, Sönkes came across the mangled vessel, only to find all of the bikes were destroyed, save for one. He took it home and found it to be in incredible, NOS condition. Knowing that the Italians (or that Aussie) would be on his tail, he took it to Robin’s studio for documentation.

Check out more shots of this Beautiful Bicycle below!

Thanks to Robin Nilssen for the killer photos. What a bike!

  • Sweet jesus…

  • LG


  • Jdhhsept


  • Just to clarify, the story is fictional. I have no idea how Sönkes came about this bike…

  • Fucking hell.

  • Bianchista

    Jeezzz! What a bike!

  • I would do terrible and disgusting things with that bicycle.

  • Ray

    B.I.L.F :DD

  • cooperleeray

    shit. thats amazing. such a rare bicycle, and done so well

  • H_burton

    It’s okay…

  • Asasa

    His name is Sönke, not Sönkes. 
    The bike is perfection.

  • Up

    Jag tycker den liknar min gamla !! Skämt åsido, köp en.

  • Bill

    Bike. Porn.