Beautiful Bicycle: Kim’s LOW Track Apr 16, 2012

Photo by Kim Heikkinen

Sweet, sweet lord from the ground below. Kim’s LOW built up quite nice. Check out the full set here. Praise to the Finnish doom metal set!

  • Javon

    Very clean. I think that’s the pursuit model.

  • AllKnownBikes

    Any idea on the weight of this puppy? Looks light as shit!

  • shaanx

    Nice bike but boy that is a lot of weld for not a lot of wall thickness lol

    • You a frame builder? What do you think bikes with “smooth” welds look like under paint?

      • shaanx

        No sir, but I am an ASNT certified weld inspector

        • Weld Inspectah

          oh shieettt

          • ;-)

            I just get so many kids talking about “welds” when they’ve never even touched a nail or a hammer.

          • Anon

            Uhh – does that make the welds/seems better?

  • wastingaway

    It’s kind of annoying seeing a bike setup so impractically probably just to be photographed.  I guess these are the first pics so people can ooh and ahh, and in a few weeks he’ll naturally throw on risers, take more pics and in a short blurb will try to explain how impractical the first setup was and how with risers it’s a 100x better.  It’s a nice bike but I prefer his Brooklyn Gangsta much more over this.  

    • Kunnallisjte

      I think this was built for velodrome only

    • Kunnallisjte

      I think this was built for velodrome only

    • Kim

      Yes, this is for track. Gangsta is my all-round everyday bike.

      • wastingaway

        Looks like quite a bit of saddle to bar drop, even for a track bike unless you have a weird body and are all arms and legs. I’m all arms and legs myself.  Also most people who are at the track aren’t using mountain bike pedals.  If you don’t have a weird body you might want try another stem with an upwards angle if you are sticking with those drops or some shallower drop bars.  But what do I know, maybe your fitness level is enough and you are limber enough that you find that that is the most efficient position for you for your track events.  

        • Kim

          I agree on your points, we only have a outdoor velodrome here in Helsinki for now and it’ll take about a month before we can use it. Only tested the ride here on street, but as soon as I get to track I’ll adjust the riding setup. I have long arms and legs but might turn the stem around, it’s +/-5 deg or as you said try a shallower drop. Agree also on the pedals, those were from another bike.

          • wastingaway

            I see, I hope it works out for you.  It’s fun to test out and adjust setups.  

          • This shit made me laugh this morning.

          • Guesto

            i know! kim has no idea what hes doing!

  • JusKidn

    I give it two months and it will be thrown in to the fukin sea.. from the bridge of course.