Dosnoventa Tokyo Carbon Fiber Track

We saw a few shots of the Dosnoventa track bikes in action during my Brooklyn Randomness post but I’ve been holding off on posting these photos up. Dosnoventa is a Barcelona-based company who have taken on making a track frame from the three materials of choice: carbon, steel and aluminum. The name translates to 290, or the bottom bracket height (29cm) for every bike in their line. The Tokyo is their carbon fiber model and this build was over-the-top to say the least. Rotor cranks, HED wheels and one bitchin’ paint job make this bike scream.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Spencer

    Surprised people aren’t bitching about the chain yet.

    Nice bike.

  • Sean

    Holy hell

  • ScumbagSF

    Seat angle, bar angle, slack chain, and frankly I’d rather see this thing rip left turns on a velodrome. 

  • Jayone


  • bello bello

  • As long as the peanut gallery is alive and well, I’ll chime in on the Crank Bros pedals. Odd choice for a tracko, but then again so are a lot of other things on this build. Love the carbon fiber contrasting on the underside of the downtube.

    • Agreed, the Smarties are an odd choice for this build; I love mine, but I’ll be the first to admit they’re not the best choice for a bike that may undergo skid-stops. If Crank Bros just made steel cleats, I’d never use anything else.

  • Patrick

    The mold looks like a prototype Dolan made.

    • Yes it does

    • Me

       This Dolan is a one of a kind… Dolan asked the Framebuilder for a prototype and they became a “standard mold” frame. As it was too expensive to produce, they decided to change their business strategy and work with some Asian company on different models (see their Web). The 290 looks similar as it has the same rear triangle mold (same framebuilder, same mold…) but the overall geometry is different as the headtube and some other details. I think it’s great seeing “local bike shops” developing their own Frame lines. As there are only a few serious framebuilders (and i’m not talking about massive companies) able to produce quality frames at a reasonable price, it is normal that everybody tends to finally ask the same guys… Similarities, maybe, but this frame doesn’t look like a copy to me (and, no, i’m not working for them)

  • Bobbert

    Yea this bike is pretty jackass

  • Wholetthedogsout

    this are stickers?

  • Wholetthedogsout

    is exactly the same

  • Fuckdogs

    Dolannoventa?? hum.. copys are not original…

  • that. fucking. saddle.

  • Gtech

    Dosnoventa is two ninety. I think they’re talking in mm!

  • nexus

    can you get a boner over a bike? i think i just did….

  • Sabicat

    Want you and the guy! :)