Addison Zawada and Josh Boothby Win the 2012 Red Bull #RideNStyle Apr 28, 2012

I just want to throw this up and congratulate these two athletes on their accomplishments today. Much, much more to come!

  • that backflip is out of control

    • JasonClary

      Great work Josh and Addison!

  • fgfs666

    Everyone knew Boothby was gonna win. That backflip was old news. Been seeing that kinda tech from him since last year. Can’t wait till someone decides to do a 360 no hander.

    • Tomypunk

      Nasty already do that !!!

      • Joe McKeag’s truck over that box and 720 was insane.

        • Justin Gallagher

          Joe McKeag fuckin destroys it!

  • Ancient Arrakis Youth

    wth!? how the heck did this douche pop Addison win the race!? was he the only dude NOT smoking weed?

    • Guest

      Do you even know him? Or are you just talking smack from your armchair?

      Clearly this kid has talent, regardless of what people on the internet are saying about him. 

      Get out and ride, the end. 

    • He fucking crushed all day and gapped the channel to pass Walton. Guys a beast, don’t be a dick.

  • Trvthless

    Did Addison ride freewheel?

  • What frame is that in the first image?

  • Oregonroyalty

    BOOTHBY ALL DAY!!! He is a amazing rider and a good guy also!! He is Straight up a bad ass on his bike and off!! I hope he never stops riding and kicking ass!! Keep it up Boothby!