Worst Poster Ever Mar 20, 2012

This looks like something they’d hang in a shooting range in Texas.

  • wow

    what were they thinking?

  • Jridet3

    kill the messenger…
    (that’s what id assume)
    not really influential  

  • Brooks Ward

    Its for cops to take out cyclocriminals with devistating taint wounds. Or an advertisement for fizik saddles.

  • Hippywithagun

    i ride bikes and shoot/own guns, and i live in texas. i’m at a quandary.

  • Ian

    Not really any worse than shooting at a regular human target. Both are pretty twisted.

  • Hah, it’s just about aiming for the guy ahead in a race.  Chase that mother’ down!

    • I get it but that’s not what it looks like at first glance, which is what a poster is all about: that first look.

      •  its art and at first glance he gets an immediate response that stirs up convo. which i think is a “good poster”…  i agree not the clearest message which i think is what john is trying to point out.. but it is definitely not “worst poster ever”… which i know is not meant to be literal… i almost never disagree with john but as a poster artist myself i gotta say cut the guy some slack “PROLLY”!!! ;)

  • Kteket

    I shoot weekly, mostly at 200 yards. The only thing I saw at first was JUST the rings, took me a minute to see the cyclist hahah.

  • I have a poster from 100copies – like many of his other designs, it’s a very clever little ode to bicycles. I think this particular poster is just a case of artist naivety. You can’t blame him for not being tuned in to America’s oversaturated gun culture.