Two of My Favorite People Mar 30, 2012

It’s hard for me to watch these videos because I miss these guys so much. Andy from FYXO and Dan from Shifter Bikes were interviewed by Biking Brisbane. Melbourne is the place to be. Looking good fellas!

  • ffffffffuck. thank you john.

  • Germa Flea

    what shirt is andy wearing, is it available anywhere??


      I don’t think he has them for sale anymore.

  • Ain’t these two of the most handsomest men you’ve ever seen? 

  • Yann

    also check out oldskooltrack and fixedgeargallery dot com

    • Yann

      forgot to say: and great interview!

  • I can see why you like these guys so much.  Solid dudes.
    Everyone wishes they had a shop like Shifter as their LBS, even if you do most of your own work.

  • We all just want a red conti now and then