Tree Bicycle Co: How is It? Mar 13, 2012

This was my first Tree Splined Lite Sprocket, from 2009. Sam was selling a few copper-plated sprockets and I scooped one up, curious as to how a BMX drivetrain would feel on a fixed gear. Since then, it’s the only sprocket I’ve ridden, both on my BMX and FGFS rigs. Recently, I’ve tried out some other brands, which I’ll be reviewing shortly but I just wanted to say hats off to TREE BICYCLE CO for innovating the game and designing the first 48 splined sprockets. They’ve been making these for over 6 years now.

On a related note, check out GetaBMX‘s review of the Tree Splined Lite Sprocket here.

  • Dmrbrad

    Tree are such a great brand,ive ridden Tree sprockets ever since i can remember on my BMX.In all honesty i wouldn’t bother with anything else,Tree chainrings are so loyal.

    • Snow

      +1. Tree or nothing

  • Tree is the best.  All their products are so well thought out and conceived.  I have only ridden Tree sprockets since their very first run, and will never ride anything different. 

  • MurderB

    can I borrow this?

    • No. It’s got a new home soon on one of my bikes.

      • MurderB

        you’re selfish