Tokyo Fixed Gear’s 2012 Frame Lineup Mar 28, 2012

Max from Tokyo Fixed Gear let me know that there would be a sneak peek of their 2012 bikes dropping today but I was not expecting this. I love the TFG frames. Lauren loves her Dream Machine Cargo and now, for 2012, two new models are out: the DART and the Wide Open. Check out more of their 100% steel line below!




Dream Machine Cargo

Wide Open road model.

See more information here!

  • crystalfellow

    my OG S2 is jealous of that silver/blue paint!  Looking good Max!

  • Realist

    I absolutely love there frames but having Tokyo fixed logos on it ruin it for
    Me. Such a shit name. Is there anyway to peel those decals off?

    • max lewis

      We’ve got used to our name. Sorry you can’t peel the stickers off. 

      • guest

         sorry, your name ruined it.

    • guest

       I agree 100%.  The S1 and S2 look amazing but I can’t stand that logo.

  • Richard Smith

    Downgraded tubing on the S2 is disappointing (although paintjob is SWEET), upgraded tubing on the Wide Open and Dream Machine is exciting (although I preferred the old Wide Open paintjob). The S1 and Dream Machine are looking lovely, and I think the new Dart is a good idea, although the geometry looks kind of off; I’d like to see it built up.

    • crystalfellow

      What is the new tubeset for the S2? Can’t seem to find that nugget of info.  I love my Thron.  

      • Richard Smith

        The Tokyo Fixed blog just says “double butted cro-mo”. No idea who it’s made by.

  • Resultofanxiety

    The fonts rule. The frames speak for themselves. Things don’t get ruined with so little effort for this guy. Must be a miserable existence.

  • norby


  • chibuisin

    I know this might sound like a strange question but where the frames made? Oh and the decals are cool I think, if you dont like it put some gaffa tape over it :D