Tokyo Fixed Gear: New Workshop Mar 15, 2012

You can’t work on bikes in a messy shop. My goal in the next few weeks is to build a legit workshop. It just makes life easier, as the Tokyo Fixed Gear team has found out. They’ve got a new shop and that means, new pricing and specials. Head to their site to see how they could become your LBS if they aren’t already (in London).

  • Tzitzalis

     Fitting Bar Tape – £10
    [email protected]??!?!
    Hahahaha i can put it for you for 1 euro
    What a shame…

    • yeah-hah, now!

      Tzitzalis: Wrapping bars properly takes a lot of time and experience. This may be surprising to some, viz., those who have never actually tried to wrap their bars or don’t mind a bulgey and gappy wrap. Because it is time consuming and requires attention to detail it is going to cost some money for a shop to do it.

      John: Regarding your new shop: pix or gtfo.

      • Tzitzalis

         agree with you at some point but 10p its lot of money man
        Also its better for a newbie to learn from his faults rather than spending 10pounds to someone who could do this for him, for free

        • Is that the kinda shit everyone bashes on the Internet? Shit wrap jobs? It’s always better to learn but you can’t hate on a shop for charging for a professional service. But if you hung around shops long enough, you’d know that… ;-)

          • Tzitzalis

             i hung around a lot but what you dont understand is that 10p is A LOT OF MONEY for that lil shit offer (in europe)

  • Guest

    I need to set up a proper shop as well.  Been in my first house with a garage for over a year now and still haven’t gotten to it.  I would be interested to read about your experience, tips, what works, etc.  Read your blog daily!