The Seagull Story Mar 15, 2012

Seagull Bags has been on the scene for many years now. Daniel makes all his bags in Columbus, Ohio and this video highlights what makes Seagull Bags unique. If you like their work, show them your support.

  • I LOVE my Seagull bag. Great prices for great handmade bags-and they have awesome customer service. Get one.

  • Alan

    Great bags, I’ve been using mine everyday for the last 21 years. Still going hard!!!!

    • Jake Ricker

      21 years?

  • sygyzy

    Bought one of their bags when they were a relatively new shop, years ago. Had some nagging issues with it and just gave up. Recently, I emailed them and asked them to fix it and add a keychain loop. They were amazing this time around, really matured. They fixed my bag and added the loop and charged me next to nothing. One of the original OG messenger bag companies. They get my highest recommendation.

  • Sarahelizabeth

    i worked there for awhile and i use my Seagull Bags, my favorite is the toolbag though. Can be belted and customized, I can get my lock, phone, and wallet in there no problem. Ask them to add a blinkyholster for a few bux. 
    Urban Velo