The New Levi’s® Commuter Line is Now Available Mar 6, 2012

With the success of their Commuter line last year, Levi’s® brought it back, just in time for spring. New to the line for 2012 is the Mobility Fleece, the Commuter Workshirt, the Commuter Hooded Trucker and various colors in the Commuter Trousers.

Check the entire line out here!

  • Spencer

    I may have missed this when the stuff was first announced, but, do they have future plans for a women’s line?

  • C_ryan_horner

    i echo that comment, dude jeans just do not look/feel good on me anymore after years of being spoiled by girl jeans.  when’s the female equivalent coming out?

    • Spencer

      …or I have a girlfriend who wants to know…

  • AJ Tendick

    When i saw you before NAHBS I meant to ask you to see if you could prod the Levi’s into expanding the line. Now they just need to stop making everything skinny cut.

  • Andrea Tetrault

    Looks great… Guess what Levi’s? Girls commute too!

  • <3 utility waistband!  hell yeah

    • Charles Thomas Maguire

      Black, brown, and green also have snap pockets for multi-tools / pocket knives / whatever!

      • I was wondering what the purpose of that pocket just off the waistband over the right rear pocket was for… couldn’t tell if it would be large enough for a cell phone)

  • hans

    32″ inseam is the longest? do tall guys not ride bikes or something?

    • Spencer

      Yeah, that inseam sizing is bogus.

      • hans

        …..i could wear them, would just have to call ’em knickers

  • Josh

    These seem really nice, too bad my legs won’t fit in them. I wish they would make a version based on the 514s.

    • I’m in your boat, which is why I’m going to get a pair to try out. I’ll keep ya posted.

      • Spencer

        How do you get a pair that is long enough?

  • Ed K

    Hey Levi’s, my partner saw my commuters last fall and instantly wanted some.  She was also pretty annoyed that there weren’t any cut for her. 

    • Sara

       No shit. It’s bogus that they don’t make a women’s cut, considering they have the capabilities to mass produce them. Most females I’ve talked to about this are pretty peeved w levi as well.
      For those w the gf’s, Psychlist ( has been through trial and error w women’s cut commuter jeans, and has it nailed now. They’re good investments. Also, don’t women tend to spend more money on jeans – why such an untapped market?

  • Seanmilnes

    def.  should do a womans line.  my home would be completely stocked.

  • Yeah, they need women’s cut AND they need a burlier than 511 cut. I actually pre-fit/sized some standard 511s (skinny is not my normal fit, and got the wife’s blessing that the 33x32s Skinny looked right when I’m normally more of a 32×32) before ordering some 1st Gen commuters online (nowhere in KC Metro carried them, well the one Urban Outfitters might now)… the commuter 511 were WAAAAAAY tighter around the legs than a standard 511, and the fabric was so rigid you would have never known that they put some elastane in it… luckily I could take them back to the local Levi Outlet store…

    I *thought* I read some commentary somewhere that they loosened the fit on the new Trousers… that or maybe the material has more give… which would be promising.

    • Charles Thomas Maguire

      You bought the khaki ones right? The “rigid” blue jeans were surprisingly loose and soft, almost like sweat pants, and the khaki’s were the complete opposite of that. I find that the material for each style will have its own characteristics with the red, carbon, green, and brown (not khaki) having the most in common. On the other hand the black, khaki, and blue jean styles are all very individual.

      • Actually, yeah, it was the Khaki. Never had heard that they were a different feel than the others… Thanks for the heads up. Makes me hopeful on the new trousers… May have to order a pair and the shirt… if the trousers don’t work, I can always take them back to the Levi’s Outlet…

  • Anyone know if there is extra material or reinforcement in the crotch? My jeans always wear out there first from constantly rubbing on the saddle.

    • Charles Thomas Maguire

      Yes, they are double layered and stitched through the crotch and inner thigh.

  • Just read ‘double layer seat’. Sorry I’m an idiot.

    • Charles Thomas Maguire

      Just read that you read that. Sorry I’m an idiot.

  • Tone

    Will they ever make these in a relazed cut..for us thick legged? Look sweet.

  • rdrey

    Left Side Drive spotted at 0:19!

    Also, +1 more comment on tailoring a model of pants for big-muscled cyclists.

  • will there be another party? need to c some bubs.

  • Charles Thomas Maguire

    To address the various questions: I work at a Levi’s store and I bike. I love the 511. It is the second most popular cut of pants we sell second only to 505’s and 501’s. The 511 is by no means the skinniest cut. Theoretically the fit should be tight through the upper thigh and slightly loose but form fitting on its way to your ankle. I personally love the cut for biking; when I in high school (almost a decade ago now) I ruined countless pairs of bootcut, and straight leg jeans riding my road bike to and from school. The 511 is naturally suited to movement that is both unencumbered by excessively wide pant legs, but also allow free and athletic movement.That said, everyone is different and the pants will fit them differently based on the material of the jeans and the individuals proportions. I am a typically a 34 waist line and in skinny jeans I wear a 34 length. The funkier dip dyed colors do not come in a 34 length so I bought them in a 36w 32l and the looser fit causes them to hang about an inch lower at the ankle because they are not adhering to my legs as much. I also sized up in the original chinchilla colored khakis; because the material was incredibly stiff and I wound up purchasing a 36w 34l.As for a women’s line; as far as I know we have not been informed of any plans for a women’s line. I know of some girls who love wearing the 511 but all of these pants are different and the colors are definitely geared towards “fashion forward” men. That said, I would definitely recommend trying out the black “trouser” cut of the series. I found the black ones to be the tightest fitting and most similar to the 510 super-skinny. These recommendations are not part of Levi’s advertising and are merely my observations as an employee and huge fan of this line of clothing. I’ve got 6 pairs of the pants so far, and they’re all I wear unless I’ve got some heavy duty manual labor to attend to. 

  • Chris Dwyer

    Please release this stuff in Australia this time!


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