The Ned Ludd Market Bike Mar 18, 2012

One of my favorite projects at the 2012 NAHBS was this Ira Ryan-fabricated Ned Ludd Market Bike. I met Jason in Sacramento and heard most of what he says here in this video over tacos at Steve Rex‘s spot one night. Jason’s a passionate individual and seeing this project get some much-deserved attention has got to be inspirational. Exceptional!

More on those Tanner bags tomorrow.

  • sp77

    Dammmmmn that ride is sweet! I now have another reason to go to Ned Ludd more

  • sam

    That’s like my dream city bike.

  • Chrisdougherty

    I loved this bike at the show and his tacos were amazing at Steve’s.  

  • so cool to see this unique bike in motion

  • a.guest