The 2012 Red Hook Crit Cinelli Vigorelli Prize Bike

Dan Chabanov has won the Red Hook Crit for the third time, meaning he now has three prize bikes. Each year, Cinelli donates a complete build to the winner and year after year, the bikes keep getting better. The 2012 trophy bike was already in King Kog‘s window when I went by on Sunday, so I took it out for some lens love.

Check out more by clicking the photo above or here to open in a new tab.

  • Chris

    Nice pics as always John.

    Someone should have cleaned the saddle…

  • Alan

    What kind of hubs?

  • Spencer

    Nice job sneaking a flag hatchet on there. And nice shots.

  • can a Cinelli wear a flag hatchet ?

    • i am also confused. did we annex china or somethin?

      • my plan was to have it on the BB shell so when Dan lifted the bike in the press photos, it’d be there. I didn’t have any Viking stickers…

    • My plan was to have it in the press shots where Dan would hold it up above his head – I didn’t have any Viking stickers…

  • Alex

    Cool photos. Cinelli donated the frame set, stem and bars. Ride Brooklyn provided the rest of the components including the cranks and wheels.