SxSW Randomness 03

Today was awesome. We started off with a detox ride to some hills and immediately got sucked into the madness that is SxSW. I randomly bumped into Matty B, who was working at the Handsome roasters pop up shop. After some much-needed caffeine, I headed over to Yellow Jacket, where Elle Camino Vintage Clothes had her pop up shop going and from there, it just got kinda fuzzy. I do know that I saw Lamour Supreme at Secret Walls at some point but again, the rest of the night was a blur. Check it out for yourself here.

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    girl in 24 is stunning

  • Stony’s pizza is so damn good

  • i gotta skip the loose legs ride John, there’s just no way to work Friday til 3 am and work Saturday too.  You should totally hit me up for a free pedicab ride though.

  • you havent seen a town go to hell until youve been to milwaukee during summerfest