State Bicycle Co: The Contender Track Bike Mar 7, 2012

As a part of their new Premium line, State Bicycle Co announced the Contender. It’s a higher-end option for those wanting a bike with a little more pizzaz than their standard line. Check out full specs and a gallery here.

  • Surprised

    From hand made to this…you cover it all.

    • Ha! Well, people need options in life. Super high-end to entry-level. Ya gotta ride no matter what your budget.

    • Mjfarsi

       For $649 + free shipping this is going to be one of the nicest products you will find. State Bicycle Co. has great customer service and they stand behind what they put out.

  • Dontcoast

    tasteful, decent for the money…rack mounts????

  • tommaso

    Is it $650 for the complete bike? That’s a deal, especially with that fork. From the looks of it, this frame has a more practical “street” geometry (slack head tube angle, some BB drop), similar to a Steamroller.

  • Truetristan

    state was one of my first bikes couple years ago. Great bikes, great customer service.

  • Brannonwellington

    I just bought this tonight, I absolutely cannot wait to get it in the mail, going to be my new prized possession.

  • Pretty stoked for this! Soon as I get some money I’m buying one! Keep it up State!

  • I should have waited to buy my benji, this bike is a work of art!

  • Trvrthomas

    Great dudes doing great things for the cycling community.

  • Dhenderson616

    i first heard of you guys once Steven Jensen got sponsored by you guys. you guys actually seem to love bikes as a lifestyle instead of only a business oportunity. mad respect. 

  • Linton Bere

    #1 Contender for sure.

  • I saw a photo of a State Bicycle on tumblr.  It was love at first sight and like all moments of love at first sight, I haven’t been quite the same person since.

  • th3darkhors3

    I want those bars.

  • Cooliealexhd

    thats a sexy hot bike <3 

  • Swm4ever

    That bike looks so cool! :) 

  • Larellano11

    State is one of the best bikes I ever own, thy have the best looking bikes I’ve seen!!

  • State Bicycle ceases to amaze me. Great guys, great bikes, great events. Their customer service is second to none. They are the apples to my cider. Thumbs up for ROCK N’ ROLL & State Bikes.

  • Cdtaylor79

    A truly savage and beautiful bike! $650 is a deal!

  • Dragon66_123

    Really good bike with all it’s new parts looks like a perfect bike to smash with all new parts and the carbon fiber fork I’m liking it !

  • State Bike Co just keeps getting better and better! They come along way from really nice custom fixed gears to this beauty cant wait to see what they have in store for the future!! :))

  • Nicolasimons

    dopest dope I’ve ever seen.

  • LDBarrett

    Two State Bikes in two years.  Love these guys! 

  • Mrcoolri

    These bikes are great for the price!! Btw the zombie stomper is a BEAST!

  • Faith McG

    Been saving my Canadian coins. This summer will be the summer of State!

  • If this bike were a chick and it passed by me, I’d be like “” Tssss Dayum Girl Holla”

  • Came home after a night of drinks with friends and I guess there was 50% off pista bars.. didn’t know I ordered them until they came in the mail best drunk decision ever!

  • Ivan Enriquez

    Over all State Bicycle is amazing, there colourways, there designs amaze me because it all looks urban and original. Honestly, at least 1 in 10 bikes amy look nice, but whenever i see a state bike i get shocked because of its vintage look and originality. ok, the new bike abovelooks great, carbon fiber forks and these new pursuit bars looks awesome, looks slick and lightweight

  • Eric Sledge7

    Love state!! Great guys working there! Love all their bikes, beautiful pieces!! Can’t wait to get my next one!!

  • Mr.SuperCooper

    I like it! It has a sort of Classiness to it that would almost demand respect while on the road -Especially with a fantastic Handlebar Moustache (Like the one I have) If I had the money laying around I would buy 2 of them… 1 for the week days and one for the weekend… Why buy two? Because two badass bikes would make you just that much more badass. 

  • Emilio A.

    Currently have their Matte Black 2.0 & it’s amazing. The contender by far is the sickest of the whole lineup up to date.

  • I’ve been in love with State since I learned about them a few years ago, picked up a Benji and have been happily riding for over a year.  It feels really good to support a local company (Tempe, AZ), and I don’t mind spending this kind of money – which is really a great deal – on such a quality product.  Well worth it.

  • Charmaineee

    Very sleek looking:) my boyfriend called me the second he saw it, he wants it desperately. Especially because of the carbon fork! :)

  • dmvd

    great ride, would love to be riding around in a bike like that 

  • TCU

    State fucking blows! There are way better deals for 649$…I get kids that come into our shop all the time with “new” state completes with bent rear triangles and shotty, crunchy bearings. I even built a new state complete right out of the box and the rear wheel wouldn’t line up straight then I take a closer look and the rear end is bent about 4-5mm to the left fucking up all sorts of shit up (crank arm rubbing, Chain line was off, the tire would rub on the right cs and the left ss…wtf). I like the idea behind state bike just not the quality control.

    • Would definitely have to say that is not the general feeling and poor quality is not normal. In the rare instances there are quality issues State Bicycle Co. is quick and goes ABOVE & BEYOND to fix.

    • Vicfly

      My same felings exactly. I get about 4-6 bikes a month in my shop and the quality is shotty. This overbuilding the same frame my head macanic called it bs, but it is a good deal for a low end bike.

  • Dillon Haller

    Bought the “Hyphy” model a long while ago and is still running beautifully. I get lots of comments on it from the ladies, too.

  • Bchino28

    dang that bike goes hard yo!!! 
    I fell In <3 with those handles bars man

  • berkey

    Its amazing to see the pure beauty in such simplicity.   Keep it up State, I think I am going to have to save my pennies for this one.

  • I love the new addition of the carbon fiber forks and the blacked out wheels give a sleek look to the Contender. Subtle changes from the old models but State Bicycle Co never fails to impress!

  • So jazzed for this sexy, sexy ride! Can’t wait to get my hands on mine. More than a simple contender.

  • Michael soller

    Great bikes even better now

  • Logan Shep

    Such a gorgeous piece of art! looks amazing, sleek, and down right just sexy! i would love to own or just even get to test it out! that carbon fork looks beautiful! state bicycle is always pushing out amazing bikes and they just keep topping the competition!   

  • Dan gabriellini

    Damn fresher and fresher! This bike will not only get you to the party but will get you home too. Anyone sees you roll up on that they know your in the right place!

  • Awesome! I am exited to find that state is releasing a bike with worthy parts and components! :D

  •  OMG this is sooo sleek!! Loving the handlebars! So want to try this!!

  • JWHracing

    Awesome guys, inexpensive but high quality and actually involved in the sport and community. It only goes up from here!

  • Carriecschaller

    State bike is the makes the best bikes and they keep getting better with the new carbon parts and the fgfs. You guys have the best service and I love how you guys reply to your emails so fast and how you guys are on face book. I have a state bike and it is defiantly one of the beat bikes I have ever owned .! Thanks state you guys are the best

  • Charles Adams

    State Bicycle Co. adding even more quality to their name! $650 is such a deal

  • State Bicycle Co, in my opinion is the best fixie/single speed bicycle maker because of the durability, style, and affordable prices! There is not a single bike or accessory in their inventory that I dislike. Matter of fact, I love State Bicycle Co. Checking their website and Facebook page has become a daily habit!!!

    • backlyt

      You work for them, don’t you?

      • Silly Hipsters.

         Best part is that he really does.

      • Dumas8457

         Of course he does

  • Best I’ve seen from all the custom fixies on the internets. Dang do I want to test that on a velodrome! 

  • Loumeredeth

    Love at first sight…

  • A.G.

    That fork with those handlebars, just make it look like it would always win.

  • Margaret Becker

    Love the silver and black – time to start saving up for this one!

  • Kenny B

    Awesome bullhorns on this bike. I’m also very satisfied with my blue bazoo. Keep up the good work State.

  • Mexico459

    TThey are hella sick and their response for the questions that I ask are supperb with asap replies

  • Drea Dre

    Ah, State Bicycle Co. How you never fail to come up with something great! You never cease to amaze me :) I am still saving up money to get the bike I want, but it’ll all be worth it in the end. The Contender is an amazing bike and I would expect nothing less from you guys :) Keep up the great work!

  • Ma

    State produces a quality bike, and and very friendly. The represent AZ nicely.

  • juleskater

    Best looking bike! Sa me donne envie d’en avoir un autre! 

  • RedLeader656

    I’m new to the fixie scene, but it think that it’s amazing that State takes so much time to craft all of the details on their bikes. Craftsmanship is something that’s rarely seen nowadays. Thanks for staying true to it.

  • Nick McKee

    I have been a fan of state bike for a while now, and this is one of their bikes which I find to be fucking awesome. A friend of mine got the prototype from the shop and it rides so fucking well. Its smooth and it just looks beautiful. Not a single one of their bikes has any negatives in the slightest. Such a great company filled with great people. 

  • Adam

    The new bike is sweet. Someday I’ll be able to afford one. It’s great to see a small business doing so good in this economy and from reading States posts on Twitter and FB I can tell they do a lot of good stuff for their community. Keep it up State.

  • The first fixed gear bike I bought is a State Bike. I could not be happier and would love to have this beauty right here

  • Jamesduffy0

    I have two bikes: Specialized and State. One is more expensive than the other, but not as much fun nor did it turn as many heads and get many compliments. In fact my state bicycle has scored me at least one date in the first few months.

    This new bike is even better. Get it and you might just find the women (or men) chasing you down.

    • Nesbiteme O’Nesbiteme Nesbitem

      Dude glad you got your bike for the “complements”. That’s also why I’m considering the State Bicycle Co.’s Contender. I can only imagine how many complements I’ll receive when I pull up to my local Olive Garden on my Contender from State Bicycle Co. I think I’ll wear my Invicta SeaHunter IV watch as well that I got on ShopNBC so the complements will be doubled in number.

  • i’m pretty sure i’m getting the beluga next week..this bike is tough though

  • Josh Joyner

    state continues to show how to make a clean bike and pack it full of awesome components. And they do it at a price where they can take over the market. Baller.

  • State bicycle said they were dropping something big Thursday 03/06/12… they came through plus some with the Contender! Just plain Gorgeous! Glad I live in so close to such a great company. Stopped in and rode around on some bikes loved that the staff were very friendly unlike some local shops. :Thumbsup:



  • Josh Viray

    I love this! The pursuits make it look amazing, the SRAM crank makes the ride so smooth and not to mention the carbon fork as well :) this is an amazing bike I am looking forward to it. I got my first fixed gear from state bike back when it wasn’t so popular as it is now.. And they still have the same great quality as they did back then. State bicycle is a truly legit company that cares about their customers. Keep it classy.

  • stefan villegas

    The name CONTENDER stands up to the quality item shown on that right there image.  It’d be a pleasure meeting this beaut and most importantly riding it… Each spec detail undoubtedly goes along with each other to deliver a premium product.. It clearly states a more awesome “COME AT ME BRO” … let’s see if that SRAM can be put in work with that bear after me..

  • Luke Gabrieli

    that new state bicycle “the contender” is sexy like a chocolate strawberry…

  • JustinKyle

    This bike is awesome. Looks great dudes!

  • State Bicycle at it’s best. With it’s sleek chrome frame, quality matte black rims, pursuit handlebars & it’s lightweight carbon fork, words cannot explain this bikes beauty. You’ve done it again State Bicycle Co!  

  • Kluong2012

    state bicycle is so effing cool with their colors to the fact that theyll hook u up if ur bike got jacked with 100dollars off  and plus their customer service are so friendly and awesome

  • stefan villegas

    The Contender really stands up with the State Bicycle Co flag up high when they unleashed the Premium line… Top notch specs, minimal detail, and I bet that just 100% maximal ride! .. Like an upgraded version of COME AT ME BRO …  

  • Allan S.

    Awesome build! One of the best looking fixies I’ve seen in a while. Super clean. Just the way I like it.

  • Spec wise, this bike is a beauty.
    Color scheme is simple but works so well, I love the finish.

  • Dustin Delaney

    Wow, scary, and I like it.  

  • GoDangerTaylor

    LOVE the frame finish

  • Jordonferrill

    These guys are great! I got one of their first official bikes (the fascist) and it has ceased to amaze me!

  • great company, great guys, really stand by their product, cant wait to ride this.

  • Cody goodman

    Class and style. Graceful and full of finesse

  • Simply impressed. State Bikes has done it again, they are always realeasing new products weather it be complete bike sets, parts or accessories for your ride. But thy’ve truly outdone themselves with this one. 

    The Contender is really a work of art, the carbon fork is beautiful, I’m digging the pursuit handle bars and the price is not bad at all. I’ll be placing my order soon enough, can’t wait to get my hands on it, and take it for a ride. ^_^

  • Greg

    state bikes are awesome. I can’t wait to finally get one. state gear would certainly help. zombie stomper.

  • John mooney

    This bike looks amazing and I bet it rides smooth too whoever gets this beautiful piece of art sure is in for a great ride. State co is the best.

  • Ericgilbertson2002

    Sick ride….my wife and I recently purchased 2 bikes from State Bicycle Co (bambino and the watermelon) aside from all the attention we get on our great looking rides, the buying process was smooth as butter, State Bike is got it going on…Respect.

  • Ericiscoolatschool

    I think that the Contender is sik dik and i would buy it, butttt. i dont have the money right now, luckily though, i do have a job, and should be getting paid tomorrow. so maybe i will order oone?

  • This is such an awesome company and the new bike look so sweet! The bikes they have are so classy.

  • william

    This is just crazy. I see me on it in my dreams and I want the summer to come ffaaasssteeerrr. winter sucks, State bike kick asssss! 

  • David Meijers

    That fork is just spectacular.  Such a classy bike.

  • I’ve always liked State Bicycle’s ability to balance form and function. The Contender is just a great example of that. Streamlined and simple. Keep them coming!

  • Sam Lees

    I don’t know where to begin with how good state bicycles are. The quality of the bikes? Rad. The customer service? Rad. The shipping time? Rad. So good I bought the girlfriend one 2. Flaws? I can’t stop riding it, and I’m getting nothing else done.

  • Damn girl, look at those RIMS.

  • Oh my God. As soon as I get $650, definately getting this.

  • Frederick Duarte

    “It’s hard to be humble, when you’re as great as I am.” – The Contender.

  • I bought my first base model bike from State about a week ago and it is an absolute dream, I can only imagine what their premium bikes are like.

  • this looks like its going to be my next bike…just need to come up with the money now

  • THEviking

    Only one word, sexy.

  • Cole Dowden

    Awesome bike. The sweet-simple design and the components are too beautiful to deny.

  • Bike is so damn sexy…it makes me want to get a job!

  • State got it right, again! Beautiful frame, gorgeous and effective carbon fork, and absolute power in the componentry. Couldn’t ask for a better track bike for the cash. I TT and Tri myself, and for a sprint tri or short TT, I might just have to do it on this baby. Bravo guys!

  • Drucama

    This bike look magnificent and is truly a piece of art I would almost not wanna ride it …Naw I would ride the hell out of it food job design team thumbs up.

  • Fbproductions

    Loving this step toward the higher end market of track bikes.

  • Looks awsome, always enjoy my State Bicycle. Always coming out with great bikes.

  • Ckamp

    Most positive feedback ever! The bike looks great.

  • Ximalli08

    Judging by the look, it seems like a pretty solid bike (which is to be expected from State Bicycle Co. I would have opted with some slightly more compact bullhorns, but the forks seem to compliment these pretty nice. Just my .02.

  • Supattra Siridachanon

    I love this! I just got my Montecore, but ugh, this is so beautiful! I love how it’s simple, and gorgeous. ( : Hopefully, if I save up, it’ll be my second state bicycle bike. :D

  • Viewtifultj

    The new state bicycle Co. looks like a serious machine. I wish I had the money to afford this bad boy.

  • Not only the coolest people on earth, but the SICKEST bikes!  id rather ride the contender than megan fox… true story

  • Eli San

    Pursuit-ish kind of look, I like ;D

  • zeeeeeee

    111 comments… hmmmmm…

  • Jd_inthismoment

    Yet another beautiful piece of functional art from State Bicycle. My little nephew was with me as I was checking out the pictures and told me I should get it cause then I could go “To infinty and beyond!” State continues to make better products and I always look forward to the new products that they come out with. Hopefully I cam convince my wife to let me spoil myself with The Contender. Way to go State and keep it up!

  • Ricardo Saleiro

    You guys rock! While others struggle to put out something that sells you just think about doing great bikes and the results are always impressive! And you keep them coming… This Contender would be my perfect urban stealth machine. Congrats.


  • James Asturias

    this bike looks so sexy :) i want it

  • Timna wild

    this is a really beautiful bike! state bikes are amazing i just got my marino and love it!

  • Samuelcondon

    It’s bringing back the class to hipster bikes

  • Mlbuckman

    Awesome bike! They keep making it harder and harder to pick a favorite although I think this is it!

  • so sleak! cant wait for summer to ride

  • Looks fast sitting still…..

  • Davo

    Me Gusta.

  • Tclaridad

    Smooth! Ordered myself the Sunnyside, should be expecting it in the mail TODAY! 

  • josevjose

    Never had a state bicycke bike but i bet thier awsome!

  • bdugan

    WOW! Its great to see a company like SHIT BICYCLE CO that has such “quality” products they cant even generate their own feedback so they have to fake plug themselves 120+ times…. your bikes are shit, your company’s a joke. Prolly whats the going rate now to get trash like this on the blog?

    • Going rate? I don’t get paid to post products. I mainly present them, what happens from there is left to the audience and readers.

  • so awesome!

  • Mike

    I actually bought one of these.  My LBS owner said he loved it.  I will post and tell ya how I like it!

  • Wktopping

    will be ordering this sleek bike in laye june.

  • Wktopping

    i mean late june

  • backlyt

    No name fork, tires, hubs, rims, stem, handlebars, etc. bottom end cranks, headset.
    What exactly is so sweet about this bike?
    More made in china cheap shit sold to gullible hipsters who know nothing about bikes. I hope you got paid well for this prolly.
    Also,all the clearly fake comments? Please.

    • RoniMayne

      It’s about time someone speaks up for the reality of these one off companies who want to sell ignorant people on the idea of a cheap bike. I work at a shop and I see too many of these things come in with endless problems. You want a good fixie that’ll actually save you money? Invest some time and $$ in your own build and I promise you will fall in love with it. If not, then sure, buy one of these, you may enjoy it greatly, but maybe not.

      • Willysson

        So, Roni, what’s your recommendation (specifically).  Say my budget’s $650 +/- 20%.  What frame (what material, but preferably a steel), fork, crankset, wheelset, saddle, stem, handlebars would you recommend?  At this price point the only way one can get decent components is thru a vendor that has economies of scale.  Most bike shops are going to try to stick me with a frameset that alone costs more than my budget, not to mention the wheelset which I think is where the bulk of my money should be spent.

        • Snarky

          Buy a used bike and make it a fixie yourself. It will likely outlast the state bike, which like all cheap junk, is disposable.  

          • Emmure1

            I own a bike from SBC and since I’m not racing it taking it on 100 mile rides it works great.  They may not be name brand parts but who cares at $450.  I have seen multiple people on fixed gear bikes from walmart and if u wanna talk trash start there.  These bikes are great for the money and anyone who rides a fixed gear bike isn’t looking for a cervelo.  There customer service is amzing and very personal which is impossible to come by these days (even at some bike shops).  

          • Emmure1


    • I don’t get paid to post videos.

      • backlyt

        You’re right. There isn’t an opinion one way or the other in the post. You gotta get some money for the ads though.

    • Snarky

      Actually sold to wanna-be hipsters.  The true hipster ethos is DIY, this is just another example of how a marginal subculture gets commodified by the cool hunter-killers.  

    • ryan mckenzie

      calm down man!

    • Will

      I saw one of these at a bike event a couple weeks ago. It was actually pretty cool. It was reasonably light for the price (probably around 22lbs), seemed sturdy, and from what i could tell from riding it around the parking lot briefly, seemed smooth and comfy. I already have a fully custom fixed-gear for work, in addition to a couple mid-range road bikes, and i’ve been weighing this bike against a couple others as my second fixie ever since I saw it in person, which is what lead me to comment here.
      What some of the people on here don’t seem to realize is that a lot of people who work on bikes, such as couriers (i am one), ride cheap bikes like these every day instead of $1000 big brand track bikes BECAUSE they are disposable. My custom fixie cost me about $550 to put together since I did almost everything myself (aside from truing the new wheels and installing the headset. both require multi-hundred dollar tools) , and I take it to work instead of my $2400 road bike because I would care much less if it was damaged or stolen. The price or brand of the bike or it’s parts don’t hold nearly as much weight as the bike’s individual merits and how it fits what you intend to do with it. Personally, I think that this bike would make a great joyrider. I would probably just ride it around town, use it to run small errands that don’t require a rack (that’s what my Cyclocross bike is for) and take it to bars, group rides, friends’ houses, etc. The steel/carbon combo would be perfect for the crappy roads where I live
      Bottomline: will this bike last forever and lead you to victory in every race you enter? The answer is probably no, but it will serve the needs of a commuter or someone looking for fun on the weekends who doesn’t know enough to build their own bike and doesn’t want to spend $800 on a Langster? absolutely.

      • backlyt

        LOL, 22lbs is not light for a steel fixie.
        I was a messenger for 6 years and a mechanic for 3. No messenger I know would ever buy this crap. Most would just build up their own from an old Raleigh frame or some shit if they wanted to go cheap. Personally, I would rather spend the money on parts that last as opposed to replacing them every 6-12 months.
        This bike looks decent on the product shots, but I’ve actually worked on several State Bikes. Like they saying goes, you get what you pay for. We had one come in straight from the factory, still in the box and a customer paid us to build it up. $80 shop fee to build a bike from a box. All good.
        Had to face and chase the BB, face the headset, the paint was rubbed off in areas from the packaging zip ties, the welds looked like they were done by a drunken clam. All the parts on it were on par with something that I would find at a walmart. Not so good after all. Ended up charging the customer an additional $100 on top of the build.
        Seriously, do yourselves a favour. Do your research. Make you own. (I don’t mean you Will, just people who are reading this)

        • Will

          I’ll yield to anyone who has worked on one of these. I have never assembled a State bike, nor have I worked on one. It looked nice in person, and rode fine for the short time that i rode it (admittedly, it was too short to really get a good feel for the bike. i didn’t take it on an extended climb or anything) it seemed solid, and i liked the aggressive, if slightly odd, geometry. On bikes like these, the quality is hit or miss. My sister rides a cheap, customized Caraci, and it has laughed at the hell that she puts it through on a daily basis, but I know others with Caracis that have destroyed them inside of a year. Perhaps the one I saw was a rare hit.
          as far as weight goes, 22lbs is light for a bike where I live. A lot of people ride heavy bikes to help absorb the vibrations and bumps from Pittsburgh’s shitty roads. My work bike weighs about 19lbs, almost 4 of which is the beefy steel touring fork I put on (it took forever to find one that wouldn’t **** up the geometry of the bike btw) to absorb the bumps from the road, half of which is crappy brick that’s so worn it rides like belgian cobbles, shitty patch jobs, large potholes, or rough asphalt paved over old train tracks. It’s not rare for people to ruin forks or wheels on the roads here. I was hoping that this bike would be able to put up with the better (but still not great) roads in town. I suppose i have some more searching to do…

          • Will

            There… are a few typos in there

  • Domonique Turnipseed

    everyone is talking about how they want this bike, but has anyone on here actually tried it out?whats the contender weight like?how about something from someone who has had this bike for a reasonable amount of would highly help me in my decision to get one!

    • Dec08a

      I’ve had the basic model for two years. It’s held up really well. I’ve been riding total for about 6 years. I compete in road race and triathlons (not on this bike) and consider myself reasonably educated about bikes and components. Mine had held up very well, and I wouldn’t really feel comfortable commenting and locking up anything more expensive. But it is still comfortable and fast enough to please me.

      • Dec08

        Commuting not commenting sorry.

    • Will Pearman

      I saw one of these at a bike event a couple weeks ago. It was actually pretty cool. It was reasonably light for the price (probably around 22lbs), seemed sturdy, and from what i could tell from riding it around the parking lot briefly, seemed smooth and comfy. I already have a fully custom fixed-gear for work, in addition to a couple mid-range road bikes, and i’ve been weighing this bike against a couple others as my second fixie ever since I saw it in person, which is what lead me to comment here.
      What some of the people on here don’t seem to realize is that a lot of people who work on bikes, such as couriers (i am one), ride cheap bikes like these every day instead of $1000 big brand track bikes BECAUSE they are disposable. My custom fixie cost me about $550 to put together, and I take it to work instead of my $2400 road bike because I would care much less if it was damaged or stolen.

  • Erik Moedt

    I feel like there is a shit load of astro turfing here. Sorta threw me off of buying one. Just as well, I should probably just build my own.

  • Lewandowski Paul

    Bought this bike a few days ago and it was hard to stop riding. Love it, love the costumer service. Highly recommend State Bicycle Co.!

  • OG Uank

    Love my State Bike!

    $20 off a bike at State Bicycle Co. right now Coupon code: 20st14360

    through 5/31

  • Luke Hansen

    I bought this bike about 2 months ago. I feel it is an ok bike over all but i feel it should have more modern and better quality parts on it. What I am speaking of is the bar and stem should be an over sized 31.8 clamp to provide larger diameter bars for better comfort. The seat post, while functional, would not let me get the right amount of nose up I like for my personal taste as well as the seat has NO padding to speak of. The stem and seat post have a very cheap matte paint that lacks a quality look and feel. The bars paint was fine though, again, too small in diameter and utilized hard grips instead of bar tape. And the tires? Ugh, harsh riding. Now, for the good……the wheels are using sealed hubs as well as a sealed FSA headset. The crankset is good quality with a very smooth bottom brack and is running a pretty stout ratio of 48/16. Also, the frame has a nice paint job and feels of good solid quality to the touch as well as riding. The fork is nice as well and comes in at 480 grams, not bad considering it has an alloy steerer. So, would I recommend this bike? Yes, if they don’t want to put any thought into building a pretty good looking bike and are new to the fixie scene. As of now, here’s my list of upgrades…..Deda Dabar bullhorns, TRP carbon brake levers, Deda Zero stem, Deda Zero 100 seat post, Fizik Aliante VS saddle, Shimano road calipers and Michelin Pro4 Endurance 700x25c tires. Now she rides like a quality bike should, smooth, comfortable and fast.

  • Marcus Williamson

    Love my State Contender! It rides great! Testing Orr Cycling’s 60mm full carbon track wheels!

  • Leon

    I have just ordered one. I had the Contender Red and opted to swap the frame with a matte white, a red saddle and red bar tape instead of the stock black slip-on grips. Everything else stays as they are. The bike has yet to be delivered and I am looking forward to riding it. I have been reading some reviews all over and it’s just overwhelmingly disgusting that there’s a lot of haters out there who think that they know everything about bikes let alone the people who buys them. Everybody has their own personal reason why they opted for the brand they picked and none of you haters should care about that choice we made. I opted for a State bike because #1 Their people are kind and professionals #2 I personally think that their bikes are reasonably priced compared to other companies that offers web ordering and customization #3 I like the style and the looks of their bikes PERIOD!.

    For the State haters, leave us who believe in SBC alone and just stick to your own shit about your rides. I do not care if you saved money building your own bike (good for you), I do not care if the other companies carry better parts and for a cheaper price, go for ’em.

    All I care is to just ride the streets of LA on my custom State Bicycle Co. Contender-