Specialized: Turbo eBike Mar 29, 2012

Speaking of Mash, this new ad for Specialized‘s e-bike came out great. Check out Daniel ripping around town on the Turbo:

“In designing the Turbo we created an entirely new category of eBike: a speed-focused, high-tech urban bike that looks and performs like a fast bike should… and it just happens to have a motor!

With a top speed of 45kph, the Turbo is unquestionably fast. It’s even fast standing still: the battery recharges in just 2 hours. Every aspect of the design exudes speed, efficiency and style: clean, sweeping frame lines, a hidden battery, internal cable routing and fast, grippy tires.

On the road, or standing still, it’s all about speed. It’s you, only faster.”

Funny, he’s the last person that would need electric-assist.

  • anon

    If you already have electric shifting why not?

    • how does have an electric powered bicycle compare to electric shifting? 

  • guest


  • Tyler Johnson

    This is so sick. I want one of these bikes! Daniel congrats on the sick ups

  • C dubs

    It’s to bad electric bicycles cannot exceed 15.6 mph here in the states.

    • Bsstallman21

       actually legal limit to manufacture an electric bike here in the states is 20 mph and up to 1000 watts

  • Wait, does that dude work at SightGlass?

  • #48

    This is stupid. Sorry, not trying to hate… but you know.

  • G1ngerk1d


  • Jake Ricker

    Fuck yeah Daniel!

  • Ponder this

    As an owner of three Specialized’s and an avid fan of Sinyard, this e-bike just shows once again the style and execution of their prowess as an elite bicycle manufacturer even in a world contracting standpoint. Hands down the bar has been raised, sign me up!

  • Andy P

    At first I was all ‘what is this shit’. Then I thought about it, and realized that it’s things like this that help shift the commuting paradigm. I wouldn’t ride one. But, I know a lot of people that WOULD ride one to work if it meant they could take it easy up that one hill before the office, or take a break when they’re tired. 

    As a cyclist I often roll my eyes at those who say things to me like “oh man, an 18km commute each way? You’re insane!’ – we all know it’s not that hard. But, put something like this in front of that very person, and they’re much more likely to consider cycling as a viable way to get to work and around town. 
    God damn, where is this pragmatism coming from? I must be getting old. 

  • who is daniel? is he a bicycle racer? what is his last name?

  • if it gets more people interested in bicycles in general then why the hell not 

  • what’s this?  Another video about Cancellara’s doped bike?!

    seriously though that bike looks fun!  I wonder how much more ground you could cover with a clipless setup too.  

    Doped bike is Dope