Speaking of Drivetrains Mar 13, 2012

Photo by Matthew Aull

Damn to the man who keeps Campy cranks clean and sitting in a box. Even the uber-rare non-fluted Campy Pista cranks deserve to be ridden. Nice shot Matthew!

  • tm

    The ring is sick, too.

  • Matthew Aull

    Thanks for the kind words! Anyone who would prefer this in a box over hammering through the snow is nuts. The chain ring is an old 52 t Sugino 75.  Sorry if putting that on the campy crank offends anyone,  riding is more fun then ebay and swap meets. (also my name is matt)

    • ZianStudios

      Who did the drilling on that chainring?

      • Matthew Aull

        It is a Sugino Super Mighty Drillium chain ring. Sorry for the mix up. Word.

  • Ckamp


    I have a RHS (drive side) in 175mm and have been looking for a LHS pista to match it. Not easy to come by.

  • rdrey

    Hell yes!